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August 2019

Sam and Rachelle Pollari, the way you run your business is pathetic. I am not only disgusted in your lack of customer service but in your deliberate abuse of autonomy over your customers. It is completely clear, on many accounts, that all you care about is a customer purchasing a dress. Once that transaction happens, you have zero care about how your store looks to everyone around you. You grew up in the sales industry with your parents? Did they not teach you that you should honour your company's mistakes? That when someone from YOUR COMPANY fails to do their job, that is it not the customer's fault but YOURS? Or is it you simply do not put the time in to properly train your staff to use a measuring tape? Your employee measured me and thoroughly believed I was a size 8. I made it very clear I would rather buy a size larger because I knew I did not want the dress fitting tightly around my hips. That I would rather take it in than worry about it being too tight. Against HER judgement, I went with a size up. The size 10 comes in and guess what? It's too tight around the hips. And no, I didn't gain weight.

I immediately brought the dress in, explained my issue. It's even in my file that I made it clear I wanted bigger. Three sales members measured and believed the dress was faulty and the wrong size when they measured it in front of me. They go to the back with the dress, come out and then tell me actually it's the right size but I wasn't measured where the dress hits around the thighs. They said they'd contact the company to get a bigger size. I made it clear I was not going to pay for a second dress, to which they agreed.

Two weeks+ go by and nothing - not a word. It was only a day after I had to call to ask what was going on that surprise, they got word from the manufacturer and notified me that they wouldn't be able to get a dress in. They phoned me and said "the seamstress wants you to come in to see what they can do to alter the dress because we can't get the size 12 in time for the wedding" - to me, that means they will take care of the mistake. If I wasn't going to be paying for a new sized dress, why would I pay for alterations? I go in, they tell me everything they are going to do to fix the issue, pin me, have conversations and all seems to be going well. After about 30 minutes of this, they finally bring up how much it'll cost me. Was that phone-call about the seamstress simply an attempt to get me to come in and pressure me into thinking I need to have it altered at your location? Did you think after all of that, that I would just say "OK" and pay for it? That too is very sad, but at this point not surprising. Is it that you spend time telling your employees how to scam customers that you don't have time to properly teach them how to measure for different dress styles?

Your store wasted an hour of my time in the change room standing in a dress and heels while on the phone with the manager (who really knows) only to come and finally tell me that you can't afford to pay 70 dollars for YOUR COMPANY'S MISTAKE? Alternatively I could pay $350 for overall alterations instead of $450 ON A $250 DRESS?? ARE YOU COMPLETELY INSANE? Do you realize how utterly ridiculous that even sounds? And "sorry, but that's the best you can do" does not even remotely cut it. Can you imagine I listened to your employee who assured me I was a size 8? What would I have done then with a wedding in one month? Thank God I listened to myself instead of your staff the day I ordered the dress - God forbid they knew more about dress sizing than I do, they only work at a Bridal dress shop.

I am so incredibly disgusted in your sad excuse of a company. This is not how you do business. This is how you lose returning and future customers. But you already know that, don't you.

Bibi C

August 2019

Diane is an amazing person to have as your consultant.. she helped my daughter find not 1 but 2 dresses she loves. Highly Recommend for brides. Ask for Diane. She's the best.

Alison Meriano

August 2019

Wendy helped me find my dress, great experience. We had the entire staff talking about my wedding. It felt like family. They helped accessorizing and made my dream come to life. Love!

Morgan Milne

August 2019

Worst bridal shop experience I have ever had! They were nice enough till they had our money for the dress! After that they DO NOT care at ALL! Its very unfortunate because we did end up saying YES to the dress, we went for the first fitting where they gave us the alteration paper which states it ranges $395-$695 (so you think that $700 plus tax is the max you will pay right?!?) wrong!! They just keep adding!! $20 cups, $150 for bum lift?! Awful!! Nowhere did they state there could or would be extras, they did not say anything till we had the dress pinned and we were done with the first fitting! Awful.... then we asked whom we could talk to! The manager said owners, but they are never in! So ...... Honestly there are way better shops out there ladies xox dont waste your time or money

Alisa P

July 2019

Sweet and friendly when you walk in but once the dress is purchased that all goes out the window. I bought a dress and the sales woman even suggested to add some lace on the side panels of the dress which, she said, should be an easy fix...I ordered the dress and told them I would like the small pieces of lace however they waited until the dress came in before ordering the lace, delaying everything for another 2 months. For 2 small 3x6 inch pieces of lace they charged me $45 for a whole yard and said its the only way they could order it, plus to stitch it on would cost $150...and they already charged me $350 for altering the bottom and one inch on the top of the dress. I took my lace and paid another seamstress (who did a fabulous job) for only $40!!! I dont doubt the talent of the seamstresses working at Amanda-Lina, however the pricing for alternations is ridiculous. First and last time I will buy something from them again.

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