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Katelynne Hale

May 2019

We booked an appointment for our bridesmaid dresses. There are six of us in the bridal party, but only two of us could go to the appointment, along with the bride. The dress the bride wanted for the bridesmaids is a velvet dress and is newer, and so the bride called ahead to be sure the three style options were available at the store - this was confirmed by the associate on the phone. It was also confirmed again upon arrival by the associate who was taking care of our appointment. We found out that the store only had two styles of the dress instead of the three that we were looking for, limiting us from the get go. When trying on the dresses, the bride was the one helping us swap dresses, do the dresses up, and clip the dresses to make them fit properly. When we came out of the dressing room and were chatting to the bride about the dresses, we had questions for the associate working with us, and she could not answer any of them. She did not have the knowledge that was necessary to help us, so she went to ask another associate for the answers, who then ended up joining the appointment (or taking over for the less experienced associate). The bride then went on her phone to try to find the information we were looking for, as our questions were still unanswered. We're from out of town, so we asked if the two of us (who could make today's appointment) could be measured. We wanted this taken care of while we were there. They said the only way to do that was to put a deposit down first. We didn't want to do that because we hadn't tried on the third dress that we were told would be there. Half way through our appointment, they invited another group into the private space to look at the dresses in that area. Our appointment was not done, yet the other party had already started trying on dresses. This would have been fine, but because we were limited to two styles, we thought we would look at other dresses/styles. We didn't continue to try on dresses at this point and left. It's unfortunate that the experience was so poor because we were excited to choose our dresses and cross this off of the list of things we needed to do leading up to the wedding. Although the second associate was more helpful than the first, we were disappointed that all three dresses were not available to us, and that the service was not what we thought it would be.

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Valerie Cavalieri

April 2019

I had a wonderful experience at Pearl Bridal from the moment I stepped in the door. They carry the most beautiful selection of gowns. Brendan and the rest of the staff were extremely helpful and patient with me. Brendan encouraged me to try on different styles and actually pulled the dress I said yes to. The alterations were done to perfection. I would highly recommend this boutique to any future bride.

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Cristina F

March 2019

Pearl Bridal was my first and as it turns out my only bridal appointment. Victoria made me feel so comfortable and special from the moment I walked in the door. I felt that all the staff was just as invested as my family/friends to help me find my perfect dress. They were honest with their opinions and they never pressured me into buying a dress. They were quick in helping me book my second appointment so I could take a few days to think about the dress, and when I went back it was like I never left. I love the small boutique feel, the dresses were beautiful and the prices were great. I can't wait until my dress is in!

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Laura Coppola

January 2019

I had been looking forward to shopping at Pearl for years as my friend has purchased her wedding gown here and it was gorgeous. The selection of gowns and bridesmaid dresses was beautiful. However, I never had the opportunity to try the boutique as my online requests and phone calls were not returned by the time I was dress shopping. As no call or email came, I bought a beautiful couture Pronovias elsewhere. Still hopeful I could have my bridesmaids shop for gowns, I filled out yet another request and this also, was not returned. After going to a wedding show in the area with a bridesmaid, I was inspired to shop again and called. Again, no answer just a voicemail telling me to book online. We decided to drop by to make a future appointment. When we walked in, the receptionist (I use this loosely as she may be a bridal consultant/owner...?) was sitting at a desk, and she did not bother to greet us. We asked about making a future appointment and I expressed my concern as I had left messages and tried to book online previously and she was quick to dismiss me. She took my name (no phone number or email) and told me the booking manager would get back to me. I asked if she needed either contact, and she said they would search it themselves. Both my friend and I were extremely turned off by the attitude we were given by the 'receptionist'. It has been a week, I have girls flying in from other provinces to do a shop in the coming weeks (in order to stagger the times they need to fly to Ontario for wedding events). I understand there is a rationale that Pearl bases appointments on wedding dates, but a call back would be helpful to explain my situation. Between the lack of call back (multiple times) and the treatment we were given in store, I would NEVER give them any type of business or recommend them to a friend.

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