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Reviews of Pearl Bridal House

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Pearl Bridal House

Elissa Sun

February 2020

My mom and I had the most wonderful experience at Pearl Bridal House! Everyone was so warm, welcoming and helpful at every one of our visits. I had my alterations done on site by Ana, and my form fitting dress could not have fit me more perfectly - so many people have asked me if I had the dress custom made. Pearl Bridal was truly the wedding dress shopping experience that I always dreamed of. Thank you, ladies!

Pearl Bridal House

Claire McGovern

January 2020

After Reading mixed reviews I was nervous about going to Pearl, but it was absolutely worth the trip! Friendly staff who are really helpful in pulling gowns and finding out what is important to you. Low sales pressure and just an all around lovely experience. Would highly recommend.

Pearl Bridal House

Effie Alafogiannis

December 2019

I recently purchased my wedding dress from pearl bridal house and had the WORST experience. As if wedding planning isnt stressful enough, pearl bridal made the whole process a complete nightmare. First of all, they never answered the phone or returned calls. I would only get an email once in a while if I was lucky. Second, my veil came in TWO pieces when I had ordered only one piece and the consultant tried to convince me that two pieces were better... I ended up only wearing the one veil as I requested but still had to pay the full amount... Third! The flower girl dresses they ordered for me were 3 sizes too big for my girls... I was told that they dont measure and they were final sale. Again, an outrageous amount of money wasted as I needed to buy my flower girls dresses that actually fit them. Pearl bridal house and their consultant Nadia truly ruined the whole experience for me. There are no words to express how poorly they treat their customers. My advice to all future brides: avoid this store, there are SO MANY stores that have the same if not better selection. There are so many terrible reviews on here for a reason. I will never recommend to anyone!

Pearl Bridal House

Nicole Wilkie-Smith

May 2019

Oh where to start. We found this shop as we had found the bridesmaids dresses we wanted and saw they were sold here so reached out to confirm they had all the styles from the line and booked the apt. They in fact did not carry all the styles. 2 of us got measured in store and paid our deposit the 3rd was not there at the time so would be coming in later. The sales girl made a rude comment about money as I had made a remark that it was nice it was just the deposit and not full amount at once to which she snidely said I shouldn't be able to afford the dress in full- I can but it is nice to not need to drop all $600 at once. The 3rd had her apt and they told her we'd have our dresses before they closed for Christmas holiday. A few wks later we contacted the shop to ask something to find out they never placed our order as they will not do it by using paying as we are just bridesmaids, the bride must give them approval to place it. We then waited as Christmas approached we called only to find out the dresses were nowhere near ready and they told us it was our fault for having the bride confirm our order so late. Once into the new year I called again and they told me yes they were in transit and would arrive the next week. I called back the next week and they said the exact same thing. When I raised this they said they would look into it and then called the bride-again as apparently bridesmaids aren't people (for the record the bride did not buy her dress here so not as if they had an existing relationship with her) they told her that the dress hasnt actually shipped and we now must pay a rush charge if we want it in time. The dresses arrive in Feb barely over a week before the wedding. Upon putting mine on it is massive in all areas (despite them insisting I needed a plus size which I now think was so they could charge me the extra) as I'm trying to talk to someone I'm with about the alterations I'll need the saleswoman stood there just continually echoing "but it's a lovely colour" as her stock line. We paid our balances and I asked for a copy of my bill and she said sure then once payment was done tells me no they don't give those. She then proceeds to show other people in the store my itemized bill on the computer to which I say please don't that is my information, don't show them my bill but she proceeded. Oh and yes to echo all the previous reviews expect to make dozens of calls before you get an answer on 1. Although the MOB made a comment on their facebook regarding no one answering phones and that was answered within a minute so they monitor facebook but not calls. Save yourself the frustration and go elsewhere

Pearl Bridal House

Alex M

November 2018

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The selection of dresses at Pearl is great, it is what comes after you buy that you should be wary of. While my shopping appointment was fabulous and I got a dress I loved, contacting the salon to make appointments or even just get updates on the status of my dress (and headpiece and earrings) was like pulling teeth. My emails and voicemails went unanswered until I finally sent a strongly worded email - just to get a fitting scheduled. My second fitting was scheduled until 6 days before my wedding and I didn't get my dress until 2 days before my wedding. It honestly shouldn't be this hard and Pearl should know better than to add stress into an already stressful situation. Overall, the poor customer service experience I had at Pearl was pretty shocking to me and I would discourage anyone from purchasing there.

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