Ready to swap out the spirits for some spirited sips? Say hello to delicious alcohol alternatives! Whether you’re hosting a completely alcohol-free reception at venues or just mixing in choices for those, who’d rather stay dry, these fun and festive non-alcoholic beverages are sure to keep your guests happy and the party popping. Get set to dazzle with drinks that are all about flavor and zero about the hangover – here are some of our favorites!

Shirley Temple

Named after the child star, a Shirley Temple is a classic drink made with grenadine, lemon, lime soda (sprite), and ginger ale, and embellished with a maraschino cherry. Some recipes even add orange juice to this aesthetically pleasing drink.

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Virgin Piña Colada

Known as the milkshake of the cocktail world, this alcohol-free version is made with pineapple chunks, ice cream, coconut milk, pineapple juice and garnished with a cherry and/or pineapple wedge. You can also substitute sugar and heavy whipping cream in place of the ice cream.

10 delicious alcohol-alternatives to serve to your guests

Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary is a delicious alcohol alternative made up of most of the same ingredients as its alcoholic counterpart, the Bloody Mary. Instead of the vodka, add more tomato juice to the drink. The recipe includes celery, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, salt, hot sauce, tomato, and lime (or lemon) juice. The drink is often garnished with a celery stalk or a pickle spear.

10 delicious alcohol-alternatives to serve to your guests

Baby Bellini

A perfect drink for when it’s time to toast the newlyweds, a Baby Bellini is made without sparkling wine, champagne, or prosecco. The recipe calls for peach nectar, sparkling cider, and a peach slice for garnish. You can also substitute the peach nectar for lemon juice, and apple cider for the sparkling cider.

10 delicious alcohol-alternatives to serve to your guests

Non-alcoholic Sparkling Wine

There are so many companies that create alcohol-free sparkling wines in a wide range of flavours. These drinks will allow your guests to enjoy the bubbles associated with a glass of champagne without the effects of alcohol. Available in flavours like apple, peach, pear, and strawberry, in both dry and sweeter options, there are endless beverages to choose from.

10 delicious alcohol-alternatives to serve to your guests


This drink is perfectly named for a wedding, because who doesn’t want to feel like a princess on their wedding day? This pretty cocktail is on the sweeter side and contains orange, pineapple, and lemon juice, as well as sparkling water. It is often adorned with a pineapple wedge or orange peel. It is common to add grenadine and ginger ale to the Cinderella as well.

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Virgin Blue Lagoon

This drink is one of the most delicious alcohol alternatives in our opinion! It is made with blue curaçao syrup, lemon juice, simple sugar, lemonade, and club soda or sprite. If this drink is a little too sweet, leave out the lemon juice!

Virgin Blue Lagoon - delicious alcohol alternatives

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Virgin Mojito

This refreshing drink is made up of club soda (or sparkling water), lemon or lime juice, simple syrup, and mint leaves. Extra mint and lemon wedges are used to garnish. Different fruits can be added to this drink including frozen strawberries and blackberries.

10 delicious alcohol-alternatives to serve to your guests

Sweet Sunrise

Hold the tequila. This version of the drink consists of orange juice, peach juice, lemon soda, and grenadine. Some recipes also include orange bitters. It is simple to make yet lovely to look at, and even better to drink.

Sweet Sunrise - delicious alcohol alternatives

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Non-alcoholic Beer

For your guests that enjoy the taste of beer, there are plenty of breweries that have alcohol-free lines. From IPA’s to lagers, the options are increasing as the demand has. It’s important to look for a beer’s ABV (alcohol by volume), as some still have alcohol in them, usually about 0.5%.

10 delicious alcohol-alternatives to serve to your guests

As you plan your perfect celebration, remember that delicious alcohol alternatives can add a unique twist to your wedding event. And for that extra special touch, consider mobile bar services to bring these creative concoctions right to your guests’ fingertips! With these options, you’re not just offering drinks; you’re crafting memorable experiences that everyone can enjoy. Cheers to celebrations filled with taste, innovation, and inclusivity!

Did we miss yours? Comment down below what is your favourite!