The talented photographers at Phototerra have done it again and we are so thrilled share Elizabeth and Bill’s beautiful wedding at Crystal Fountain, with you and give you a glimpse of what made the day so special in their eyes. In Elizabeth’s own words..

Many of the details of the wedding are personal touches and references to family members who we cherish–the gold pin in my hair was a gift from my great grandfather to my great grandmother from Italy, and the rosary around my bouquet was one my mother brought from the Vatican.

We were presented with a traditional horseshoe that was handmade by my 93 year old great aunt and sent over from England, we took our photo’s at my husband’s sister’s home where we have many family memories, we were adorned with traditional Greek jewelry by my husband’s parents, and had our parents wedding photos on the guest table to remind everyone how lucky we are to be following in the footsteps of two such amazing couples. We made the wine we gave out as bombonieres. The tables were labeled with quotes from our favourite pieces of literature.”

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How stunning are these photos of Elizabeth?

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“We were married in the church that my husband’s family has celebrated many milestones in (and happens to be a fascinating piece of the history of the City of Toronto).”

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“What I love most about the photography is that (in addition to being beautifully executed) it captured the emotion, joy and intimacy that we felt so strongly that day.”

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“Overall, the day went seamlessly, and we were able to enjoy every minute together with our friends and family and each other–the food was incredible, the ceremony was beautiful, the company was fantastic–but our favourite was definitely the dancing. We had a live Greek band that split the night with our DJ, and everyone was up out of their seats until the wee hours of the morning.”

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