Last week, Phototerra sent us Jeannie and George’s beautiful engagement shoot, which proved a crowd favourite among our Facebook fans. We were thrilled when their wedding photos arrived and we knew right away that you would love them as much as we do!

Jeannie and George do everything in style – from a stunning Eve of Milady gown for our bride, to a dapper suit from Ed’s Fine Imports for our groom. The day unfolds with a beautiful ceremony held at a traditional Greek Orthodox Church.  From there, it’s off to make some magic for a quick photo session at Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto. Lastly, we complete the reception at Chateau Le Jardin Event Venue, where the bride and groom happily dole out some free dance lessons. Sit back and enjoy this wedding (we certainly did!).

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With the ceremony completed, it’s now time for our lovely newlywed couple to get their pose on for a brief photo shoot at The Trump Hotel.

phototerra11 phototerra15 phototerra15a phototerra16 phototerra16a

Chateau Le Jardin made the perfect choice for the reception with it’s grand ballrooms and elegant decor!

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