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January 2019

It's uncomfortable to know that in 2019 we have a company that does not post work of black women. Not sure why, but it's both disheartening and upsetting, and don't tell me that there are no black brides that inquire with you in Toronto (a mish mash of different cultures) I've gone through 3 yrs of your instagram page and can count the number of black women on 1 hand, and most of those womrn are celebrity-esque. Not to mention no South Indian, and hardly any Asians. I'm disappointed and ashamed of your work. I am not a black women, but I am a women of color. Either you represent your city and all brides equally, and that means catering to women of all color, or you can admit your racist which is definitely how your company comes off. All of your brides are gorgeous, it's just very disappointing that there is no work I can look at to assess how well your work is when done on non caucasian, blonde haired blue eyed women. How does your work fare on black skin, black hair, and brown eyes? Or even more pics of Asian women? Can I see how your work looks on someone of South Indian skin tone? What a shame.

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