When your guests are going through the logistics of attending your wedding, hotel costs are definitely something they consider. No matter where you book your venue, there will always be guests from ‘out of town’, and those guests will need a place to stay. Luckily, most hotels offer a group booking rate that will offer your guests a discounted nightly rate and make their stay a little more affordable. Hotel room blocks are ideal because they save you time, money and ensure that all of your guests will have a place to stay during the event you are hosting.

What is are hotel room blocks?

A hotel room block is a reservation of ten or more rooms at the same hotel. On average, group rates are 15% lower than the hotel’s standard rate but they can be as high as 40%.

How many rooms do I need?

First you will need to determine how many of your guests will need accommodations. Feel free to ask them directly or, guestimate based on your guest list. Most hotels will give you a suggestion as well, but usually the minimum is ten. When in doubt, overestimate! You can always take rooms away, but you don’t want your guests to be disappointed.

Hotel Room Blocks

When should I book my hotel block?

The best time to start booking or reserving room blocks is 6-8 months ahead of your event. This way, you are able to put the hotel information on your invites and there will be more rooms available.

How do I choose a hotel?

Once you have decided on the location, budget and number of rooms needed, reach out to hotels surrounding your venue. Let them know that you are currently comparing prices and they will likely give you a better deal! Pro Tip: When booking your room block, ask if they can throw in a bridal suite for you and your spouse the night of your wedding!

What should my target budget be?

You should aim to have rooms within multiple budgets to keep things accessible for all your guests. Whether that means having different rooms types at the same hotel or booking multiple hotels close to your venue will depend on the amount of rooms you need. We suggest choosing no more than three hotel options.


  • Keep in mind any special events that might be happening in the area (sports games, concerts etc). Book earlier to avoid rate spikes!
  • Inquire if the hotel will provide a shuttle for your guests to get to and from the venue. Many hotels will include this for free if you book enough rooms!
  • Inquire about a custom check in time so that your guests aren’t missing any part of the wedding.
  • Be sure to tell your guests as soon as possible as many hotels will only keep a block of rooms open for a certain amount of time before the event.