While seeing how your SO navigates relationships with roommates and friends can tell you a great deal about them – how your partner interacts with his or her siblings could provide the most insight into who they are as a person due to their shared childhood. While parents are always a good go-to for cute stories – parents tend to see their children through rose coloured glasses. Siblings will give you the unabridged version of all the best stories from your fiancé’s life. Here are five things to watch when your significant other and their siblings get together.

Reason #1: Their shared childhood

Because they grew up in the same house, your partner’s siblings are the best people to go to for childhood memories—hearing stories about their past is a great way to get to know them a little better. Whether it is to confirm a shared story or to inform on the oh-so-adorable quirks your fiance has, seeing how they interact with their siblings is a treasure trove of information.


Reason #2: You might get a sneak peek of them as a parent

What role your partner played in the sibling dynamic will provide valuable insight into how they will be as a parent. Were they always in charge? Did they let their younger siblings make mistakes? Were they nurturing?

Reason #3: Siblings are usually more inclined to share personal details

Some siblings are close in age, which means that at some point they likely became a friend-sibling hybrid. As such, they likely know a few more personal details than the parents. Turning to your significant other’s siblings will likely give you a clearer picture of who your partner is as a person.

Reason #4: How they treat others

You can learn a lot about how your significant other treats men and women by the way they treat their siblings. For instance, a man who treats his sisters with respect will likely show any woman he dates the same. A woman who has a difficult relationship with her sisters is likely to have some untrust towards women she dates.

Reason #5: Shared personality traits

It’s not just shared childhood memories brothers and sisters have in common—siblings often share similar personality traits. Which could give you insight into their overarching values. This can give you ample insight into them as a person but also how they were raised.

As you navigate further into your relationship, it’s always a good idea to get some inside information from your SO’s siblings. They will be the most honest and raw feedback you’ll get!