We all know that weddings can get real expensive, real quick! When budgeting, it can be easy to forget to factor in funds to tip wedding vendors. While gratuities are usually built into most vendor contracts, this isn’t always the case.

Not sure when it’s necessary to tip? Worried about committing a faux pas on your big day? Don’t worry – Check out our complete guide to which vendors you should tip (and how much) on your wedding day.

Hair & Make-up Artist(s) 

Your glam squad might be up at 4:00 AM to prepare your bridal party for an early morning ceremony or pre-nuptial group photos – that fact alone is a reason to tip! Consider their expensive tools and equipment, plus the beautiful artistry they’re sharing. We recommend tipping hair and makeup between 15-20%.

Wedding Officiant

Wedding officiants don’t operate like the rest of the vendors on this list. Some will not charge a set fee for their services but expect you to donate to their church or organization. They will most likely suggest an amount. The donation can range from $50 to $500 (but expect it to be on the more expensive end if your officiant is associated with a house of worship).

Tip Vendors

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Catering Staff (Servers, Bartenders, Chefs, Etc.)

Many catering companies include a service fee in their contract, so double-check before taking out your wallet to tip. If gratuities are not included in their fee, then check out this tipping breakdown:

  • Wedding Venue/Catering: Tip 15-20% percent of the total bill.
  • Reception Waitstaff: Your contract will usually include gratuity for reception staff. If not, tip 15-20% of the total food bill for the staff at the end of the evening.
  • Reception Bartender: Tip 10% of the total liquor bill at the end of the evening.

Florists, Photographers, Videographers, and Wedding Planners

Many of the vendors in this category run their own business, so tipping isn’t necessary. They’ve already set their prices, so don’t feel like you NEED to tip unless you want to! But, for all those in this category that do not own their own business, you could tip between 10-15%.

Tip Vendors

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Delivery Staff

You’d tip your pizza delivery guy, so why wouldn’t you tip the person delivering your wedding cake? A small cash tip ($5 to $10) for those making deliveries on your wedding day is a nice gesture.


It’s common to tip wedding DJs around 15%, especially if they’re doubling as the MC. While musicians don’t usually expect tips, you can choose to tip $25 per musician.


No matter how you’re getting around on your big day (are horse-drawn carriages still a thing?), your transportation vendor will usually include gratuity in their fee. If not, the normal tip suggested is 15-20% of the bill. Leave it with them after your last ride to thank them for their service.

Tip Vendors

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For the most part, tipping your wedding vendors is not expected. If you want to show your appreciation (but tipping isn’t within your budget) these gestures cost next to nothing: 

  • Write a thank-you email or send a handwritten note
  • Post a 5-star review online 
  • Share photos of their work to add to their portfolio
  • Tag them in your photos on social media and give them a kind shout-out

Going out of your way to share your positive reviews will be SO appreciated by your wedding team and may help them book future clients. Sharing your positive vendor experiences could be more lucrative than your cash tip!