The general assumption when it comes to destination weddings is that they are less ‘formal’ than the traditional wedding. As such, some guests can often get a little lax on things like RSVPs, or showing up on time (and sober). It’s unfortunate that sometimes awesome guests can end up causing the biggest headaches for the couple.

Here are some tips so that you don’t become the start of the cringe-worthy stories the couple tells at parties:

Do… Understand that while attending a destination wedding is a fun, often casual destination, it is still a time-consuming and sometimes expensive event. So make sure that you are committed to paying for, and attending the wedding.

Do… Commit. If you know for sure you can’t make it, don’t provide a half-yes to the couple. Let them know that while you’d love to be there, you can’t make it. If you can make it – great! Let them know ASAP!

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Photo Courtesy of Assaf Friedman

Do… Follow all deadlines including payments. There is no need to cause the couple more stress by not following the payment deadlines and putting them in the awkward position of having to remind you.

Don’t… Bring a plus one if one wasn’t included in your invite. Chances are, the couple will invite you and a guest, however showing up with someone unexpectedly is still a no-no.

Don’t… Worry about a big expensive gift. Most of the time, the couple does not expect a gift as guests paying for the vacation will suffice. However, if you are planning to give a gift, make sure you use their registry!

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Do… Take time to explore! When you’re not at a wedding-related event, organize an excursion and take time to enjoy yourself!

Don’t… Be ‘that guy’. Don’t show up to the ceremony overly drunk or shirtless having just come from the beach. It’s still a wedding, even if you get to wear linen shorts!

Do… Remember your essentials: Sunscreen, water bottle, and beach reads. Take time to relax and recharge in a beautiful location.

At the end of the day, destination weddings are a blast and you get to combine a party for your friends with an awesome vacation. However, make sure that you don’t forget the reason for the trip… the couple! You need to make sure that you are balancing your duties as a wedding guest while still enjoying your vacation.