Choosing the perfect engagement ring for your significant other can be a nerve-wracking process. You want to make sure you get it right by selecting the right style, stone, and metal. But how do you choose a ring that will make them catch their breath and fulfil their dreams? We’ve put together a few helpful tips to get you on the right track.

the perfect engagement ring

Listen to your partner

It’s more than likely your significant other has already mentioned the type of engagement ring they want. So think back and try to remember. Maybe you were watching TV and they made a comment about a celebrity wedding ring they hated or really loved. Maybe you overheard them talking to a recently engaged friend about their dream stone. If you’re observant, you’re sure to trigger a memory that can give you a starting point in your search.

Ask their friends 

Enlist your future fiancé’s friends in your mission! Besides yourself, no one knows them better. They may even have screenshots and notes of their own in anticipation of your proposal! You can have one of their closest friends accompany you to a jeweler and pick out a few options that you think your partner will love. Better yet, they may have already discussed the perfect engagement ring they wanted with your mate, removing all guesswork.

Use their ring collection as inspiration

Your partner’s current ring collection can give you some much-needed insight. It can help you with sizing and style. Look at the bands they tend to choose, and the shape of stone they prefer. Do they purchase all gold jewelry or all silver? Is their ring style more minimalistic or flashy? Do they tend to choose rings that work best with their lifestyle? Maybe they work with their hands and prefer something that won’t get caught or nicked. Although it may seem like a lot of questions to ask yourself, it can help you decide what will and won’t work in your quest for the perfect ring.

Do some investigating

Now we’re not encouraging any snooping, but sometimes a little detective work is required. If possible, check out their Pinterest page. A lot of people create pins (folders) of things that have caught their eye. Some of them may even be labeled in a helpful way, like a dream wedding ring (one can hope!). What jewelers do they follow on social media? Take a look at their pages and see if your better half has liked or commented under their ring posts to gain some idea of what they’re looking for. There is a fine line between research and being nosy, so do tread carefully!

Ask them!

While some may want the surprise, others want to be part of the process. If you’ve already discussed it, you can set up an appointment with their favorite jeweler and bring their ideas to life. It’s the perfect way to make sure they get exactly what they want. Your partner may also prefer to choose one or two rings that they love equally and give you the option of selecting one to propose with. Looking at rings together also doesn’t mean you have to buy and propose right away. You can pick it up once it’s made and hold onto it for the perfect occasion. If you’re on the path to marriage, there is already some expectation of a ring in the future. Just do your best to make sure they don’t see it coming!