Wedding planning is stressful enough. But when you’re pregnant, well, things become even more hectic. Suddenly, you’re preparing for the two biggest events in your life! Not surprisingly it’s easy for pregnant brides-to-be to feel overwhelmed by it all. Whether you were pregnant before you got engaged or it happened shortly thereafter, you’re probably figuring out how you can balance it all. The biggest piece of advice is: enjoy it as much as you can! You’re doubly blessed right now and you’re never going to forget this time in your life. You will not only get through this wonderfully wild time in your life but you will also thrive! To help ensure you’re as stress-free and optimistic as possible as you prep for both events, here are some helpful tips to make your life a little easier as a pregnant bride-to-be.

Know that you don’t have to share your baby news

Advice for the Pregnant Bride-To-Be

Depending on how far along you are with your pregnancy, you might not be showing on your big day. If that’s the case, you might not want to share your baby news with everyone — and that’s totally okay. If you are past your third month, then you might want to make a public announcement (only because you might be sporting a new bump). However, know that your pregnancy is something that you don’t have to share with others if you don’t want to. There’s no need to explain or justify. Do what feels comfortable for you and your partner-to-be.

Plan your wedding according to your baby’s arrival

Advice for the Pregnant Bride-To-Be

Timing is everything when it comes to a pregnant bride-to-be. If you can, it would be most helpful to plan the wedding around your second trimester, the sweet spot of your pregnancy. At this point, you’re most likely to be finished with any morning sickness or any other first trimester symptoms. You also will not be showing as much in your third semester, will have more energy, and are less likely to go into early labour.

You can definitely wear white

Advice for the Pregnant Bride-To-Be

Don’t let those old wedding traditions get you down. If you still want to wear white as you walk down the aisle, then go for it! While you might have to alter your dress, depending on your bump, you should wear whatever colour and dress you desire.

Rethink your shoes

Advice for the Pregnant Bride-To-Be

Sorry, but you probably will have to say no to those stilettos. Your balance is shifting as you’re expecting, not to mention your feet will become more swollen over time, so you’ll want a comfortable pair of shoes on your big day. Stick to heels, or at least go for a short heel.

Consider a pregnancy ring

Advice for the Pregnant Bride-To-Be

Swollen fingers are another symptom of pregnancy that you will need to consider on your wedding day. You might want to consider having a “pregnancy” ring to stand in for your actual ring until your fingers return to their normal size post-pregnancy.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Important Tips and Advice for the Pregnant Bride-To-Be

Planning a wedding is stressful, pregnant or not. But now is the time when you definitely could use a little more support. Don’t be afraid to ask your bridal party as well as your trusted friends and family for help with the wedding. Delegate tasks and be specific with the type of support you need. People are more likely to help more when you’re being direct. And if you need a bit more assistance than normal, be gentle with yourself. Having a wedding and a baby are big things in anyone’s life that require lots of TLC.

Pour on the self-care

Advice for the Pregnant Bride-To-Be

On that note, making your self-care a priority is key at this time. Planning a wedding requires lots of energy and time on your feet that can easily zap your energy. Looking after two means lots more rest and relaxation. Ensure you’re taking the time to take care of yourself in every way, from hydrating yourself to nourishing yourself with healthy foods and putting your feet up. A prenatal massage every few weeks might also be a much-needed treat for a pregnant bride-to-be, so go ahead and treat yourself.