Timeless and chic, and with the couples’ own personal twist, Katie and James’ wedding at the Canadian Forces College is certainly one to remember. Planner Crystal Adair-Benning of Distinct Occasions made sure every moment of the event was special! From the first look to the first dance, photographer Lisa Mark Photography beautifully captured each stunning moment. Prepare to be inspired!

KatieandJames001 KatieandJames002 KatieandJames003 (2) KatieandJames003 KatieandJames004 KatieandJames005 KatieandJames006 KatieandJames007 KatieandJames008

The bride and groom experience their unforgettable first look amidst gorgeous greenery.

KatieandJames009 KatieandJames010 KatieandJames011 KatieandJames012 KatieandJames013 KatieandJames014

The outdoor ceremony was exquisitely accentuated by pretty pastel flowers by Wild Theory Floral and Event Design.

KatieandJames015 KatieandJames016 KatieandJames017 KatieandJames018 KatieandJames019 KatieandJames020 KatieandJames021 (2) KatieandJames021 KatieandJames022 KatieandJames023 KatieandJames024 KatieandJames025 KatieandJames026

With a touch of a whimsical vibe, along with elegant details, the newlyweds’ reception at the Canadian Forces College was picture perfect. From the heavenly sweet table — including bride and groom donuts —  courtesy of Candy by Katie, to the dazzling sparklers at nightfall, the couple’s big day was truly beaming with love.

KatieandJames027 KatieandJames028 KatieandJames029 KatieandJames030 KatieandJames031 KatieandJames032 KatieandJames033 KatieandJames034 KatieandJames035 KatieandJames036