With recreational cannabis now being legal in Canada, couples are starting to consider it as an offering for guests at their wedding. Although the general culture of cannabis maintains a certain stigma, attitudes are changing quickly and there are now some very classy, fun and beautiful ways to incorporate cannabis into your big day.

1. Hair piece:
Over the past few years, a huge trend has emerged in wedding hair – floral crowns. These beautiful, bohemian and feminine hair pieces are unique and add a special element to your day. If cannabis is a big part of your life, consider adding some leaves into your crown to add a deep green and a little more texture.

2. Bridal party gifts:
Rather than providing your bridal party with a traditional gift, or something that they will never use again, consider putting together a cannabis gift set for them. You can include gummies; a flower; a monogrammed lighter or even a special bong that will help them remember the day.


3. At the bar:
If you know that a large portion of your guests enjoy indulging in cannabis, consider having a ‘Bud Bar’ as well as your traditional bar. Ensure you hire a professional (more on this below) to educate guests on the different strains as well as ensure that your guests have not had too much. Offerings can range from oils, to edibles, to joints to ensure that your guests can enjoy their preferred method.

4. Smoking lounge:
Gone are the days when guests would have to sneak out behind your venue to smoke. Venue permitting, put together a classy and comfy lounge for your guests to hang out while they smoke. Whether its cannabis or cigars, your guests will appreciate having a well-lit place to sit, chill and catch up. For an added ode to cannabis – have any decorative clocks set to 4:20.


5. Floral arrangements:
Cannabis plants are a beautiful green colour that can add beautiful depth to your floral arrangements. Cannabis leaves make a wonderful addition to your bouquets, centerpieces or any other place you have flowers at your wedding. The wonderful thing about cannabis leaves is that they are a very subtle addition to any floral arrangement.

6. Wedding favours: Cannabis is also great for your wedding favours! Have your guests take home individually wrapped packages of cannabis, packaged edibles (baked good or candies) or custom labeled doob tubes with a pre-rolled joint – how fun!

We wanted to include a few companies that provide bud tending services for special events right here in the GTA! If you want to hop on this growing trend, call one of these guys:

Bud Buffet

Bud Buffet has a dedicated team of certified bud-tenders and cannabis enthusiasts to help bring your event to the next level. Their goal is to provide high end cannabis education and sophisticated presentation to your guests for the ultimate mobile cannabis bar experience!

High Bar Hospitality & Event Group Inc.

High Bar Hospitality & Event Group Inc. is a luxury cannabis bud-tending company based out of Toronto, whose mission is to provide clients with a cannabis experience presented in a classy and high-end fashion. Can’t argue with that! From those guests who may have never consumed cannabis in their life, to those that may be much more familiar with it, High Bar aims to create an experience that can be enjoyed by all!

High Class Budtending

High Class Budtending’s mobile cannabis bar is sure to elevate your next event! They are always up to date on the latest in cannabis education and are constantly studying and refreshing to ensure responsible use, all while providing a fun and positive cannabis experience.

P.S. Our lawyers are making us include the following:
This article intended for information purposes only and should not be construed as, is not intended to and should not be relied upon or construed as a representation or warranty by EventSource Corporation about (i) the legality of purchasing, offering, gifting, providing, or otherwise consuming cannabis, or (ii) the legality of any cannabis related services offered by the third party companies listed in this article. Individuals who are interested in having cannabis at their event should consult relevant cannabis related legislation and regulations.