From the winter white tones that complement the snowy landscape to the fine touches of elegance, Megan and Matt’s wedding at The Manor proves that love can keep us warm. Stunningly captured by Samantha Ong Photography, this gallery will be sure to inspire you!

SamanthaOngPhotography001 SamanthaOngPhotography002 SamanthaOngPhotography005 SamanthaOngPhotography004 SamanthaOngPhotography007 SamanthaOngPhotography008

The couple’s intimate ceremony was accentuated by sparkling trees, and lovely lavender and purple petals.

SamanthaOngPhotography009 SamanthaOngPhotography0010 SamanthaOngPhotography0012

A wide open, snow covered landscape, as well as a glowing gazebo, create a beautiful backdrop for the couple’s photo shoot.

SamanthaOngPhotography0014 SamanthaOngPhotography0015 SamanthaOngPhotography0016 SamanthaOngPhotography0019 SamanthaOngPhotography0020 SamanthaOngPhotography0017 SamanthaOngPhotography0018 SamanthaOngPhotography0021

A clean tone on tone palette of varying shades and textures of white, along with pops of green and blue from the gorgeous blooms, made for a winter wonderland of a reception. Luminous candles, dazzling chandeliers, and sparkling trees created a magical dance of light and love.

SamanthaOngPhotography0027 SamanthaOngPhotography0028 SamanthaOngPhotography0022 SamanthaOngPhotography0024 SamanthaOngPhotography0025 SamanthaOngPhotography0023 SamanthaOngPhotography0026 SamanthaOngPhotography0031 SamanthaOngPhotography0032 SamanthaOngPhotography0034 SamanthaOngPhotography0037 SamanthaOngPhotography0038 Music Courtesy of Wellington Music