Sometimes we think that ‘bridesmaid dress’ is synonymous with drowning in yards and yards of hot pink taffeta. Fortunately, this is no longer the case! As bridesmaid style evolved, so too did the expectation that all your maids had to wear the same dress.

There are many reasons to consider mismatched bridesmaid dresses – from different body types, to having a co-ed bridal party and everything in between. But don’t be fooled into thinking that having mismatched bridesmaid dresses is easier than having everyone wear the same dress – it can actually be more difficult to pull off!

You may think mismatched bridesmaids is as simple as giving your girls a colour and then the freedom to shop for their own gown, but this method can get really awkward really fast. Do you know how many shades of pink there are? Pre-planning as much as possible is the best way to make sure you have a cohesive look!

Before giving your friends the go ahead, you need to decide on what type of look you’re going for. There are three ways to do mismatched bridesmaids:

1. Same Dress, Different Colours
2. Different Dress, Same Colour
3. Different Dress, Different Colours

Once you’ve decided on a basic plan for your maids, you actually need to pull it off. So, how do you pull it all together? Here are 5 tips for flawlessly executing the mismatched bridesmaids:

1. Don’t have too many variables

Less is more when it comes to mismatching your maids. A good rule of thumb is to only switch up one or two things about each dress and keep the rest the same. If you are opting for different colours, pre-select a palette or even colour for each maid in advance. This can prevent a lot of inter-wedding party conflict.

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Photo Courtesy of Brandon Scott Photography

2. Hemlines are important

In the true spirit of mismatching, brides often choose different length bridesmaid dresses. Just be sure that there is a good mix of lengths (and silhouettes, for that matter) to go around. Otherwise, bridal party photos may look a bit awkward if all your girls opt for long except one, or vice-versa. Whether you choose all floor-length gowns, a uniform to-the-knee hem, or varying lengths based on the dress and the ‘maid, make sure you stick to a hemline or have balanced options on the table. Your photographer will thank you!

3. Gift them identical accessories

While alternating colours, styles or silhouettes, it’s important to have an element that ties the aesthetic together. Gifting your maids with identical earrings or other accessories will add a level of cohesion to the look and makes for a lovely thank you gift.

4. Get input from your girls

Before deciding on a look for the day, ask your maids for input. Is there a particular neckline they feel best in? What about colour? The last thing you want is for your friends to feel uncomfortable on the day.

5. Pull it together with flowers

When it comes to mismatched bridesmaids, a great way to tie everything together is to have matching neutral bouquets. This will keep your squad looking good while allowing their personalities to shine through!