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Mobile Bartending Services You Should Know About!

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Mobile bartending services are all the rage these days and have quietly been revolutionizing celebrations and special events for the past few years due to their convenience, innovation, and style they add to just about any indoor or outdoor event.

No longer confined to stationary setups, mobile bartending brings the bar to your chosen venue. Beyond serving drinks, mobile bars craft immersive and interactive experiences that can complement any event theme (if applicable) and are certain to make an impression on your guests. Equipped with premium ingredients and tools, professional mixologists and bartenders curate personalized, thematic cocktails that harmonize with your event’s essence.

The below guide will help you delve further into this trend, showcasing top-tier mobile bartending services all serving Toronto and surrounding area. From timeless classics to custom creations, these experts ensure every sip is a taste of celebration. Cheers to discovering exquisite drinks and moments that linger beyond the glass!

Travelling Boho Bar

Tavelling Boho Bar - mobile bartending services

The Travelling Boho Bar aka “the little vintage mobile bar” is an adorable addition to a relaxed countryside wedding or just about any outdoor event for that matter. The team will work with you to create delicious drinks that compliment the vibe of your event. From cocktails to mocktails and even healthy smoothies, they can pour it all!

The Wheeled Brew

The Wheeled Brew - mobile bartending services

Setting out on a mission to create unique craft beer experiences for everyone, the team at The Wheeled Brew combines their love of beer and vintage vehicles to create a fun and unique, Insta-friendly tap truck!

“Hank” and his other vintage siblings are at their happiest when bringing good folks together all under the banner of beer. 

ZERO DRY Cocktail Bar

Zero Dry - mobile bartending services

Toronto’s first zero proof (non-alcoholic) bar experience, ZERO DRY Cocktail Bar provides beautiful flavourful cocktails for those craving the creativity of a traditional cocktail, but without the alcohol. Their cocktails are crafted using premium non-alcohol spirits and bar mixes all created in-house using delectable fruits, herbs and spices.

Their customer-base is as varied as their drink offerings: young and young at heart, the sober community, the sober-curious, and of course, those looking for something fresh and new.

The Mobile Mixer

Mobile Mixer - mobile bartending services

Guests love unique event experiences, right? So why not have some fun serving drinks out of 1966 Airstream Globetrotter! The Mobile Mixer does this and more – serving up local wine, craft beer, and specialty cocktails as well as premium coffee and espresso beverages. Suitable for weddings, special events, pop-ups, and private parties. Their service area includes all of southern Ontario.

The Blissful Breeze Mobile Bar

Blissful Breeze - mobile bartending services

Here’s a cute idea: The Blissful Breeze Mobile Bar‘s renovated horse trailer, with its relatively compact footprint, is sure to have guests smiling. Small but mighty, the trailer includes two bar fridges, two optional draft beer taps, and a beautiful live edge natural slab.

Tipsy Turny Trailer Mobile Bar

Tipsy Turny - mobile bartending services

PHOTO COURTESY OF Alicia Thurston Photography

Tipsy Turny Trailer Mobile Bar was started by combining the owners’ shared passions for vanlife culture and having fun at their home bar experimenting with cocktails. Their van, affectionately named Toby is a 1977 Sunline Trailer. Clocking in with over 9 months-worth of renos inside and out, Toby’s got full electrical, a 6-tap draft system, a mini fridge, two sinks and even custom storage! 

High Bar Hospitality & Event Group

High Bar - mobile bartending services

Laying claim as Canada’s first luxury mobile cannabis bar, High Bar Hospitality & Event Group provides cannabis sommeliers, budtenders, on-site beverage infusing, consumption lounges, cannabis catering, and other cannabis hospitality services. The team highlights their commitment to cannabis education, safety, and providing a responsible experience. Popular here, there, and everywhere, their extremely knowledgeable staff takes the time to understand its clients to deliver the ultimate customized experience. 

BarChef Toronto

BarChef Image

BarChef Toronto isn’t just a cocktail service; it’s an all-encompassing sensory adventure for your next gathering. Serving up unique cocktails fit for every event from laid-back garden get-togethers to corporate soirées, they’re here to elevate your event to new heights. Offering full service and customizable packages, simply let them know your event details, and their staff will take care of the rest.


Carte Blanche Bar

Carte Blanche Bar - mobile bartending services

Which came first, the company’s clever name or the white cart? The aptly named Carte Blanche Bar serves up bubbly, wine, cocktails, mocktails and more – all on tap! 

Versatility is the name of the game here as the company offers up loads of personalization options to compliment any event type. Perfect for receptions, micro-weddings, elopements, bachelorettes, rehearsal dinners or bridal showers. The company’s fleet has options for both outdoor events and indoor venues too!


Coast Cocktails

Coast Cocktails - mobile bartending services

Craving a taste of the ocean breeze wherever you go? Look no further than Coast Cocktails, a trendy, little, mobile cocktail bar designed to bring the coastal charm right to your event! With a refreshing oceanic theme and a wide array of carefully crafted cocktails, the team guarantees an unforgettable experience no matter the event-type. Loaded with 4 beer taps to quench your guests’ thirst, the prides themselves on curating unforgettable guest experiences. 

Bud Buffet

Bud Buffet - mobile bartending services

Specializing in high-end cannibas consumption, Bud Buffet creates customized experiences for all types of special events. Offering live rolling, infused mocktails, an on-tap vaporizer, and even glow lounge furniture, your guests will be buzzing for days! Figuratively, of course. 


Delixir - mobile bartending services

Delixir is a premium cocktail catering service. They aim to deliver the complete cocktail bar experience to any private event space; corporate or residential. The team prides itself on creating customized signature cocktail perfectly suited for each unique occasion all while being cognizant of matching party themes, exploring seasonal varieties, and creating the ultimate crowd favourites.

Off The Wagon Mobile Bar

Off The Wagon - mobile bartending services

Off The Wagon Mobile Bar absolutely loves what they do and it shows! Although they do other events too, like corporate events and other backyard parties, weddings are definitely the most popular – and their favourite as well! The team offers multiple package price points for both the budget-conscious and the more extravagant.

The team can serve up specialty cocktail options or ice-cold beer out of their two draft taps. There’s also locally-brewed Nitro Cold Brew Coffee as well as Kombucha for non-drinkers. 

Old Time Taps

Old Time Taps - mobile bartending services

Founded by two sisters with a dream to combine both of their talents in hospitality and design, Old Time Taps strives to make your event unique and memorable. The team understands the importance of getting together with those that matter most and the duo makes it their mission is to ensure that everyone at your event has a good old time!

They work with hourly rates that include travel, two certified bartenders, sugarcane straws, bar tools, biodegradable eco cups, lighting, artificial flower decor, and more! Whether you are looking for a cold beer poured fresh on tap or cocktails mixed per order, they got it all. You provided the alcohol and let them take care of the rest.

Up Your Spirits

Up Your Spirits - mobile bartending services

Up Your Spirits vintage mobile bar trailer “Paloma” is the perfect addition to add some style for big or small events. She has a full-service window on the front, and can easily fit 2 of their bartenders to shake up your favourite drinks. She also has 2 taps to keg custom cocktails, mocktails, bubbly or wine. The team’s talented mixologists are passionate about their craft and skilled in creating delicious cocktails that cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

Cocktails & Dreams

Cocktails & Dreams - mobile bartending services

With a fun mix of Las Vegas bar entertainment, shaken with the flavour of a New York cocktail bar, Cocktails & Dreams strikes the perfect balance of style and taste. Welcome your guests with one of their exquisite signature cocktails, and entertain them with some flare bartending pizzazz! Tell your guests to be sure to have their camera ready! 

So there you have it. A pretty darn exhaustive list of the who’s-who in the mobile bartending world if we do say so ourselves.

If you’re looking to elevate your event with a mobile bartending service, be sure to connect with any of the above providers who will help ensure that you and your guests have a great, memorable, (and responsibly-served) special occasion.

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