So… you’re just in the midst of planning a wedding/special event and you have no idea what to serve your guests for dessert. Does it seem as if every event has the same mundane way of serving sweets? ARE TREATS EVEN SPECIAL ANYMORE? Don’t you worry, as long as foodies still exist, there will always be fresh ideas and new spins on old classics! As always, we promise you won’t have to scour the sea of the internet yourself to find those treasures. You will always find compiled lists of uniqueness here at EventSource!

Have a glance at our fun dessert ideas and treat suggestions for your next event or wedding!


specialty desserts

Say ‘hello!’ to these one-of-a-kind brigadeiros from Mary's Brigadeiro! This unique spin on a traditional Brazilian dessert will surely be a sweet topic amongst your guests while they question if they are either truffles or bonbons. Want to know the answer? Well… you’ll have to try one and find out! But, we can tell you that they are guaranteed to be choc-full of fudge-ingly bite-size deliciousness! Truly one-of-a-kind I tell you! Yummy!

Macaron Towers

specialty desserts

Photo courtesy of Olive Photography

Macarons are already a luxury in itself, but how fun are these Macaron Towers from Bobbette & Belle?! Showcase these delicious confectioneries in a new creative way, and your guests will keep coming back for more! A sure way to pizzazz to your sweets table!

Cotton Candy

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Photos Courtesy of AGI Studio

Irresistible when you were a child and a fond memorable snack as an adult, you can’t go wrong with serving cotton candy at your event! This magical cloud-like spun of sugar is guaranteed to be a popular choice amongst your guests – especially since people nowadays are becoming more cotton candy artistic geniuses!

Chocolate Fountains

specialty desserts

Photo Courtesy of La Fontaine de Chocolat

Chocolate. Fountain. Enough said! The call of beautifully melted chocolate coating is tempting enough that even the non-chocolate lovers (if there is even such a thing) won’t be able to resist stopping by!

Gourmet Popcorn

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Photos courtesy of Sara Monika, Photographer

Hey… hey! Have you heard that popcorn is not just a movie-exclusive snack anymore? Move over overly buttery movie popcorn and say hello to gourmet popcorn! Keep your guests happily entertained by these familiar snacks with a unique connoisseur twist from Toronto Popcorn Company! Talk about keeping it casual-classy!

Great Wall of Donuts

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Photo Courtesy of Mango Studios

How fun and exciting is a donut wall?! Certainly one of the most unique ways to present donuts that we’ve ever seen; it is perfect for attending to both the needs of short and tall guests…gone are the days when your guests had to fight each other for first dibs at the dessert table. 😉

S’mores Station

specialty desserts

Photo courtesy of Olive Photography

This DIY s’more station courtesy of Double Chocolate Fountain is absolutely adorable and super fun! You just can’t go wrong with these scrumptious marshmallow and chocolate sweets at your special event! Well… if you do, just make another one! Chef’s choice!

Domo Arigato Mr. Gelato

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Honestly, who can say no to gelato, especially on a hot and sunny day?! Hotel Gelato is the perfect summer time sweet to serve at your special event; it is guaranteed to be a popular stand! Guests will love its unique creamy, silky and smooth texture!

Sweets Table

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Photo Courtesy of Arambada Photography

You can never go wrong with a traditional candy stand… just don’t make it look boring! This treat table by Candys by Sisters showcases just how cute and fun candy can be served! Definitely a show-stopping way to attract your guests… besides their sweet-tooth begging for a bite!

Edible Balloons

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Photo Courtesy of Sara Kardooni

Edible Balloons Group‘s edible balloons are sure to become a conversation piece at your event and will definitely get all guests talking and laughing. The balloons bring a childlike innocence with them – they are that new “candy” that you just have to have and they are more fun than you even anticipated. They look great, are fun and taste good!