When you first start planning your wedding, you may wonder if you really need a wedding website. The answer is YES! Not only is it an important resource for your guests, but it will help you keep everything in one place. Here are some Dos and Don’ts of creating the perfect wedding website.


Reflect Your Theme

Your wedding website should carry the same theme as your wedding for a couple reasons. It will set the tone for your guests and it is another place for you to show of your hard work! Whether it’s simple minimalist or farmhouse chic, make the most of it!

Create a Password

Most wedding website platforms give you the option to password protect your site, and you should absolutely take advantage! Wedding websites contain private information, from your venue and wedding date to your mailing address – and you do not want that information falling into the wrong hands.

Let Your Guests Get Involved

Include a section where your guests can ask questions, request songs and leave you well wishes. This is a nice way for everyone to get excited for the wedding and will keep you from fielding a million text messages on the morning of!

Wedding Website


Write a Novel

Wedding websites can be a fun peek into you as a couple, your love story, and who’s in the wedding party – but keep it short and sweet. Give a quick overview of each member of your bridal party and go with the short and snappy version of how you and your partner met, fell in love, and got engaged. You want your guests to get excited, not be overwhelmed.

Mention Other Wedding Events

While it is true that everyone with access to your wedding website will be invited to your wedding, they might not be invited to all of the wedding events. Be careful not to share information about events like your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner on the website. Some people may feel left out but it’s also not a good idea to confuse people with a lot of dates.

Forget Important Information

Yes, this should also be on your invites, but there will be at least three people who lose theirs, so, be sure to include the time, location, and dress code. Include directions, phone numbers for taxi companies, and of course, the hotel information where you’ve booked your room block. If you’ve arranged for transportation for your guests them know where to meet the shuttle, when and how frequently the shuttles will leave, and when transportation back to their hotel will be available.

Also be sure to include your registry information in a prominent location that is easy for your guests to find!

Remember, there are plenty of places where you can create your wedding website for free – so there really is no excuse not to have one! Trust us, you’ll be glad you did. Happy Planning!