Some people will tell you that one of the most fun aspects of your wedding is registering for gifts. However, there seems to be a difference of opinion on the concept of a registry between different people. Some think that it is pointless, especially if they just want cash– while others feel uncomfortable asking for gifts, and some people can’t wait to register for brand new things!

Wedding Registry

Why You Should Have a Registry

Regardless of your feelings towards the registry, it is still important to have one. Why? Because your guests want to know what they should buy you. Think about it this way, if you spent your hard-earned money on a gift for someone and they didn’t end up using it, you might be upset. With a registry, it takes the guesswork out of gift giving. It is best to let your guests know what you will want and use.

What You Should Put on a Registry

When building your registry, you should try and include a good mix of items in terms of usage and price point. For instance, register for some lower ticket items like kitchen utensils, because people like to use these as add-ons to bigger ticket items like pots or pans.

This way, you can give your guests the option of giving you a gift on their own, or, pitching in for a larger gift, like a barbecue! Having a mix of prices also allows for guests to purchase off your registry for bridal showers and your engagement party without breaking their bank.

As far as the best items to put on your registry– make sure you include things you will definitely use as well as some fun things that you would probably never buy for yourself (like an ice-cream maker!)

While most couples mostly register for kitchen appliances and utensils however it is important to register for other things as well. Make sure you think outside the box and go for things like a new duvet, towels or even a wine fridge.

If We Already Live Together, Should We Still Create a Registry?

In a word… YES! Trust us. Your friends and family want to get you gifts, and they want you to be happy with them! If you already live together, now is the perfect time to upgrade what you already have. Think about how nice it will be to have pots and pans without that weird brown stain from university on it!