Anyone will tell you that your wedding day will fly by, and you’ll have enough to think about without worrying about nitty-gritty details. Leading up to your wedding be sure to assign day of tasks to your bridal party and close family members so you can be stress free and totally present from ‘I do’ to the send-off. Here are five things you should absolutely delegate on your wedding day.

Holding the Rings, Marriage Licence and Vows

Either the morning of or the night before, hand the rings to the Best Man, the vows to the MOH and your marriage licence to your officiant. Making sure someone else is keeping track of these items will avoid that ‘oops, guess I have to wing it’ moment during the ceremony.

Carrying Personal Items

While it is always a good idea to have some emergency items close (think phone, charger, snacks, sewing kit and painkillers) assign someone in your wedding party to hold onto a bag or clutch with your personal belongings.


Ensuring People Show Up on Time

Repeat after us: You. Are. Not. Responsible. For. Corralling. Your. Guests. It is their responsibility to show up on time for photos, the ceremony or any other day of events that they are a part of. Allow your honour attendant, wedding planner and parents to run the show. All you should be thinking about is getting married (and maybe having a mimosa…).

Holding on to Cash or Tipping Vendors

Leading up to the wedding, be sure to put all final payments for your vendors, and their tips into envelopes and label them clearly. This way, on the day of your wedding, you can trust your MOH or wedding planner to make sure the vendors get paid– all you need to focus on is having a great time.


Running Last-Minute Errands

Did someone forget their phone charger or wedding attire at the hotel? Do the groomsmen need their boutonnieres done? Not your problem. Call a close friend and ask if they can take care of any last-minute things that arise because you’re the last person who should be running around town on the day.

BONUS: Babysitting Kids

While you definitely want to make sure little ones are kept under control, that doesn’t make it your responsibility. Allow the parents to keep track of their children or, if you’re feeling generous, hire a professional babysitter for the day.

Remember, you’ve already put in a ton of work to make your wedding day happen. It’s only fair that you actually get to enjoy yourself! So, delegate, delegate, delegate!