Much like dreaming up the perfect dress, many brides have a blossoming idea of their ideal wedding flowers. When it’s time to turn those floral fantasies into reality, it’s all about finding a florist who speaks your language of blooms and beauty. And since flowers are the natural jewels of any wedding, brightening the bridal party and event space with their vibrant hues, it’s crucial to ask the correct questions to your florist!

Wondering what sweet-smelling questions to ask your florist to make this floral journey a dream come true? Here are some key ones to keep in mind!

Can they accommodate your budget?

The sky’s really the limit when it comes to florals but unfortunately, most of us also have limited budgets. Before you go too far down the road and finalize your vision and design, make sure you have a discussion first with your florist about budget and what you can realistically expect for this budget.

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How many weddings have they done?

When hiring a florist, one of the questions to ask your florist should be to get a good sense of not only their quality of work but how long they’ve been in the industry. You want everything to go smoothly, and to be confident that you’re working with a seasoned professional who can deal with the high stress of a wedding day. Most florists will have samples of their work on their personal websites and social media platforms, as well as a portfolio you can view in person.

What can you expect in terms of communication and service?

Your florist will be one of the most key vendors you hire so it’s important to set expectations from the outset. Do they prefer communicating by e-mail or by phone? When you do contact them, when should you expect them to reply? In terms of your florals, ask them if they will provide you with a mock-up of your bridal bouquet, centrepiece, etc. prior to the big day.

If your florist offers packages, what is included in the package?

Not only are you looking for your own bouquet, if you have a bridal party, you will also need bouquets for the bridesmaids and boutonnières for the groomsmen. Additionally, you may want petals for the flower girl to throw, an eye-catching ceremony backdrop, entryway arrangements and centrepieces for the reception. Many florists will offer packages or special rates so make sure you inquire about these offers.

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Can they provide a toss bouquet?

If you plan on doing a bouquet toss, you probably don’t want to throw your meticulously planned keepsake. Many florists will provide a toss bouquet. It’s a smaller, less pricy version of your own that you can toss without worry.

When will the flowers be delivered, and is there a set-up fee involved?

Once your venues are booked, it’s time to coordinate the right time to drop off and set up the floral arrangements on your wedding day. Ask the florist what additional fees may be involved with this process. Some florists calculate delivery fees by distance and how many stop-offs are needed. 

Do they provide care instructions?

While your florist will certainly send a team to set everything up on your big day, it’s inevitable that a flower or two might fall out of place, or, if your day is super hot and humid, some of your flowers might start to wilt slightly by the end of they day. It’s therefore ideal to hire a florist that will leave you with care instructions for your flowers on the big day. You want your florals to be as fresh and full as possible so you’ll want to know any tips or tricks to spruce up any flowers that look wilted, or how to fix any flowers that come out of place.

What is their policy with respect to damage?

While professional florists will always have extra flowers, vases, candles, etc.  on hand, if you’re renting certain items from them, make sure you ask what their policy is with respect to damage. In the unlikely event that something goes awry (e.g. a wedding guests knocks over an arrangement and damages the vase), make sure you know whether you will be charged for such damage in advance so you can plan accordingly (e.g. by getting event insurance) and there are no surprises.

Are they available for a walkthrough on the wedding day?

If you are expecting a full-service experience, make sure to ask if they will personally come in and oversee the set-up of your floral arrangements on your wedding day. Most florists will oversee one wedding a day, but there can be overlap if they are a particularly busy business. Make your expectations known and confirm whether or not these expectations can be accommodated.

What is their cancellation policy?

No one plans a wedding to have to cancel or reschedule it, but things can happen. It’s important to know if a deposit is refundable after a certain number of days and how much notice the florist would require if you had to cancel or postpone your wedding.

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