A wedding checklist isn’t complete without the small touches that truly bring the day together. You’ve got the dress – check! You’ve got the venue – check! But have you thought about the best way to welcome guests to the wedding or the type of topper you’d like for the cake?

Let’s delve into some often overlooked but equally important elements you may want to incorporate into your wedding day! Whether you’re planning your own wedding or working with a wedding planner, these details can make all the difference.

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Signage is a must for your wedding checklist. It provides guests with a timeline for the day’s events, telling them where to go and when they need to be there. It’s also a great way to give guests information, like a hashtag they can use to post photos on social media. A welcome sign, the seating plan and even the favour table—all of these signs will help your wedding day run a little more smoothly. To make sure your signs fit in perfectly and add to the overall ambience of your day, speak to your wedding invitation vendor about creating signage for your big day. If you’re looking for something more “off-the-shelf” there are plenty of online printers that can help you with this task.

Place Cards & Table Numbers

In addition to the signage mentioned above, place cards and table numbers make it easier for guests to navigate the event space. Fortunately, your wedding invitation vendor can also assist with this aspect. Or, there are numerous websites and print shops that specialize in creating these wedding-day additions – you can choose the exact paper stock, font, shape, and colour to match the theme of the day.

Cake Toppers 

Are you looking for a classic cake topper? Something whimsical? Or super personalized? Whatever your style, make sure you ask your cake maker what their options are. There are also plenty of websites like Etsy that offer unique and customizable toppers to fit any style.

Serving & Dining

Whether you have decided on buffet-style dining or seated table service, how each meal will get to each guest is something else to think about. Discuss with your caterer and venue the sequence in which tables will be served – although the caterer will aim to have the food ready and served all at once, there may be a bit of time between when the first table has been served and the last. So, if you have elderly guests, or families with young kids, you may want to ensure that these tables are served first.

Ring Bearer Pillows

If you’re planning on having a ring bearer, don’t forget that you’ll need a decorative pillow or box for the journey down the aisle. This wedding day accessory can be found in bridal stores, craft shops, and department stores alike.

Baskets & Boxes

Baskets or decorative boxes can be used as accent pieces throughout the wedding day. They can be used to hold flowers or even favours. If you plan on having a wedding card box where guests can leave their well wishes and advice, you can look into one that matches your theme. If you plan on having a flower girl, you will also need a basket for the petals.

Aisle Runners

An aisle runner for the ceremony might be an aspect you haven’t considered! Speak to your Dance Floor provider about custom options that can be created to fit in with your theme and also your venue – it’s even possible to monogram your initials into your runner. If you’re looking for something more “off the shelf”, certain speciality stores will have ready-to-go runners in various lengths and colours to choose from.

Candles & Holders

You’ve likely already thought about your flowers, but have you considered the other accessories? Depending on the mood you’re going for, your florist has likely suggested candles and other accessories. While it’s certainly feasible for you to go and purchase these items, most likely, your florist also rents candle holders and candles. Candles come in various shapes and lengths, as do their holders, giving you endless opportunities to fit them to your taste. You can go for something dramatic like a candelabra or more understated like floating candle holders. Flameless candles are also a great option for venues with any lighting restrictions.

Wedding Balloons

A universal sign of celebration, the balloons might be a décor choice worth considering for your nuptials. From intricate arches, garlands, and eye-catching floating ceiling installations, they are a playful and fun element to add to any wedding. And don’t worry about having to blow up hundreds of balloons yourself and wrangling them into an installation, there are plenty of professionals that can help bring your vision to life.

Did we miss anything? Comment below to let us know of any important smaller details we may have missed.