One of the most common ways to show your guests your gratitude for their attendance on your wedding day is to send them home with a touch of whimsy and gratitude with wedding favours. While these keepsakes are not mandatory, they add a sweet, memorable touch to your wedding festivities; it’s the perfect gesture to convey your heartfelt thanks to friends and family!

Here are six compelling reasons why our experts think you need to have favours at your wedding.

Wedding Favours by Suzart - Wedding Favours

Photo Courtesy of Wedding Favours by Suzart

It shows your guests you appreciate them

A wedding favour is a small token of appreciation for those who come out to support you on your big day. While no one attends a wedding thinking of the gifts that lie in store for them, it’s a nice way to show friends and family how much their presence is valued. It’s especially meaningful when you put extra thought into it and give guests something they’ll cherish for a long time.

It allows guests to keep a memento

When you’re deciding on a wedding favour, remember that it doesn’t have to be expensive to be considered a keepsake! Choose something guests can use again and again, like decorative glassware or even a succulent, inscribed with your wedding date. Pick something that allows them to feel warm and fuzzy when they look at it!

It’s customary!

Wedding favours are a tradition, said to go back to the 16th century! While there is no rule mandating this tradition, for some, it brings comfort. The familiarity is a connection to how their family members and friends have celebrated their nuptials.

It gives you the chance to be creative

If you love crafting, creating your own wedding favours is the perfect opportunity to let your creativity flow. This doesn’t mean you have to make the favour from scratch; it could simply mean you’d assemble them yourself rather than hire someone else to do it for you. If you start well enough in advance, you and your partner can start your own home-assembly line! From bottling homemade jam to filling decorative pouches with your favourite candies, the DIY wedding favour options are endless.

It allows you to share something you love with your guests!

If you’re the trendsetter of your friendship group, always eager to share your favourite things, this is your ideal opportunity! Maybe the bakery you love can make some of your favourite donuts as an edible favour option. Are you a coffee connoisseur who must have the same cup of joe every morning at your local coffee shop? Contact them to see if they can team up with you to bag samples of your favourite beans for your guests!

Because you want to!

The only reason to do anything for your wedding is because it aligns with what you want. Regardless of expectations, it’s up to you and your significant other to put together your perfect day filled with the traditions you choose that make YOU happy!