Wedding florals have come a long way since the days of the round, symmetrical bouquets and arrangements. Now we see everything from long, cascading arrangements to wild and elaborate hanging archways. For our forecast of Toronto’s 2016 Wedding Floral Trends, we compiled a broad array of the city’s favourite florists asking them to share what’s trending for 2016. Read on for your fill of the latest floral trends.

Floral Tablescapes Using Vintage Brass and Crystal Vessels

wedding floral trends from over 15 of torontos top florists, 1

Photo Courtesy of In Joy Imagery

“This year, we are getting our hands on heirloom vessels straight out of your Grandmother’s brass and crystal collection and filling them with bright blooms and lush greenery. This is interesting because it is a natural progression from rustic mason jars and burlap, to romantic and elegant vintage fit for a queen.”

– Jill Gallucci, The Rose Mint

Pretty Pastel Coloured Florals

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“A new colour trend we are really looking forward to for 2016 weddings is the use of yellow, peach, and deep, dusty blue. We are seeing navy blue more in the bridal party dresses and suits, which is always carried forward in the colours of the flowers. Peach and yellow are such gorgeous accent colours to the blue, while moving away from the very popular blush and grey.”

– Laurel Munro, Mint Floral Co. 

Custom Floral Features

Rachel A. Clingen

Photo Courtesy of Mango Studios

“I think we are going to see a lot more custom features, like life size floral trees as well as floral structures, used to create focal points and areas of interest as seen in our design pictured above. Clients are wanting to showcase their weddings with unique elements, and go beyond traditional or standard urns of flowers. Custom floral features are a sure way to add creativity and visual interest.”

– Rachel Clingen, Rachel A. Clingen Wedding & Event Design

Natural Organic Design

kristafox2.png kristafox1

Photos Courtesy of Krista Fox Photography

“Natural, organic design is ever popular. Local and seasonal florals are prevalent with the emphasis on a freshly-picked feel. Adding a mixture of metallic with rustic elevates the event design. Search for interesting vintage containers and mix and match for visual interest.”

– Daniela Miceli-Perri, Wild Theory Floral and Event Design

Hanging Installations

Coriander Girl2

“As a florist, weddings have drastically changed from clients just looking for centrepieces to fill the room, to full-on installations. Hanging arches are gaining more and more popularity as they wow guests and can change any space.”

– Tellie Hunt, Coriander Girl

Blush Pink

wedding floral trends from over 15 of torontos top florists, 11

“Blush pink has risen in popularity over the past few years and with the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2016 being rose quartz, this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Incorporate this universally flattering colour into the floral scheme for your wedding with mixed metallics, soft greys and creams, and lots of textured blooms for a look that exudes romance and luxury.”

– Ashley Plainos, Ashton Creative

Incorporating Florals in Bridal Fashion

Oudalova (2) Oudalova (3)

Photos Courtesy of Photasia Photography

“I believe that we will see bridal fashion and flowers colliding and intertwining more than ever in 2016. It seems as though flowers are now becoming the accessory that we all can afford. Florals have been sweeping over runways and taking over bridal gowns, clutches, and shoes. Accessories and jewelry designs, such as wedding tiaras, halos, and rings, will reign with florals. Even men’s formal wear will be revisited by the florals this year.”

– Margarita Oudalova, Oudalova Events & Design

Moving Away From Traditional Bouquet Colours

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Photo Courtesty of Melanie Rebane Photography

“Many Brides ask me, ‘Does a bridal bouquet have to be white or ivory?’ Traditionally it was common to use white or ivory flowers within a bride’s bouquet. Nowadays, I encourage my clients to be brave and bold or soft and whimsical with their choices in colour. No matter what your choice in blooms colours, your wedding should be a true reflection of you!”

– Rosanne Farano-Romanino, The Social Rose

Glory in the Greens

s Garden

Photo Courtesy of Lifeimages

“Whether it’s incorporating lots of greens into a bouquet or using green garland as table decor, greenery is taking center stage in my floral designs for the 2016 wedding season. With many options to choose from, greenery is not only cost-effective, but it provides lots of texture and movement, giving designs a ‘just-picked-from-the-garden’ look.”

– Erin Lucuik, Mum's Garden

Our new friends at Sweetpea’s second this motion


“We have noticed that our couples have become more interested in the use of greens, foliage, air plants, succulents, and seasonal accents, than focusing solely on fresh cut flowers. This bouquet highlights these elements; ivy, asparagus fern, variegated pitt, dusty miller, xerographica air plant, silver dollar eucalyptus, and the use of some beautiful vintage and muslin ribbons. We love creating organic and whimsical bouquets and are really excited about the upcoming wedding season.”

– Jenn Cannon, Sweetpea's

Vibrant Tones of Purple


“Lovely lavender, smokey amethyst, and plummy purples are on trend right now. For this year’s spring/summer weddings, we’ve added shades of dusty blush and peach for an elegant look. Towards the late summer/fall season, we’re accentuating plum with hues of magenta, hot pink, and burgundy for textural depth and dramatic impact.”

– Paulina Sazon, Fete Floral & Events

Garden Style Floral Arrangements

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“Loose and airy or contained and structured. The garden style is here to stay. In 2016, lush greens will compliment a great deal of lavish florals. Abundant and luxurious, rich and soft contrasting colours create a stunning opulent garden look. Cascading textures of florals and greens like berries, hydrangeas, garden roses, amaranthus, callas, orchids, and seeded eucaluptus are loosely grouped for a natural look while mixed and matched with vessels and décor of gold, rose gold, platinum, mercury glass, and natural wood. The use of airplants and succulents for their muted grey tones will leave the guests stunned by these extra wow-factors!”

– Nicholas Smith, Opening Night Flowers

White & Green Florals

wedding floral trends from over 15 of torontos top florists, 14

“White & green floral simplicity is our favorite trend in 2016. Although this combination has been hot for the past couple of years, it continues to be strong due to it looking fabulous at any venue and on any linen. This classic floral combination exudes elegance and grace in a room without adding any other high scale elements to the event or wedding! A win/win for couples that want an upscale looking wedding on a tighter budget.”

– Amber Richman, Cool, Green & Shady

Bright Bold Colours and Textured Greens

tanya tanya1

Photos Courtesy of Magnolia Studios

“My favorite floral trend this year is bright bold colours, off-set with tons of textured greens. I have always been a colour lover – much more so than the average joe. Lush, organic, natural arrangements are still in style as they have been for the past few years, we are just infusing them with TONS of colour for the upcoming season.”

– Tanya List, Tanya List Designs

Capturing The Renaissance Era

wedding floral trends from over 15 of torontos top florists, 15RenaissancePhoto2

“This year’s wedding floral trend is all about capturing the essence of the Renaissance period. Combining luxurious blooms such as ranunculus and dahlias paired with lush, lacy greens to create an array of beautiful textures. So move over mason jars, 2016 is all about the elegance of the Renaissance.”

– Gemma Carling, WilBe Bloomin

“Brew” Something Different

wedding floral trends from over 15 of torontos top florists, 16

Photo Courtesy of Collective67

“The Brew trend can be characterized as getting away from the digital world to do things with our hands, tinker, and experiment. We can achieve the Brew trend in floral design by combining natural botanical materials with wood, foam, metal wire, and  different repurposed materials and objects. The colour palette for this trend consists of sand, clay, copper, and metallic colours complimented with soft pink or off-white colours. This trend is sure to dominate the floral industry in 2016!”

– Beata Kaas, Kaas Floral Design

Small, Locally Grown, Humble Blooms

in tuin design

“Bouquets and arrangements in 2016 will still be loose and airy, but will become less reliant on big, show-stopping blooms. Using smaller, humble blooms in new ways can be a stunning, affordable addition to a wedding!”

– Gary Li, In Tuin Design