In all honesty, wedding planning can be hard work. In fact, surveys have found that couples can become so overwhelmed with planning their wedding that they often consider eloping or getting hitched at city hall instead. While wedding planning can be stressful at times, it needn’t be impossible by staying organized.

With some careful organization, you can not only reduce sleepless nights but also find the fun again when it comes to creating your special day. Here’s how. 

Have a wedding notebook and checklist (or use ours!)

First thing, have a dedicated wedding notebook. Here, you will keep a checklist of everything that needs to be done. A checklist can prioritize what needs to be completed and when, including set deadlines, while also serving as a visual reminder to keep you on track. Having a dedicated wedding notebook can also be a place for you to jot down ideas, notes, and prices, etc. If you’re not a pen-and-paper person, you can also do the same thing online using Excel or a Google Doc. The main thing is, get everything and anything written down in a designated area so your brain doesn’t become overwhelmed with tons of details.

If you prefer something a little more streamlined, you can also access our free checklist.

How to Stay Organized While Wedding Planning

Create and stick to a budget (or use ours!)

Creating a budget will keep you on track both financially and mentally. Once you know what your limit is, your choices become more clear and you’ll be able to focus more on what you can afford and want. It’s a good idea to break up your budget into different categories, including the venue, vendors, attire, and more. 

As luck would have it, we just so happen to have a handy-dandy free budget calculator for you to use as well.

Go digital and paperless

It’s a good idea to go completely paperless when it comes to receipts, invoices, and contracts and instead go digital and store them on your Google Drive or iCloud. For paper documents, scan and upload them using an app and store them with the rest of your digital files. This way you’re able to easily keep track of expenses and important documents, and can easily access them wherever you are. 

Figure out your wishes from your needs

Of course, you deserve the wedding of your dreams, but sometimes our wishes outweigh our needs (and finances). A good way of “trimming the fat” is to get honest with what are your non-negotiables as opposed to your wishes. For example, do you prefer to spend more time and money on a wedding photographer than a wedding cake? This way, you’ll not only keep to your budget but you’ll also know which vendors might require more careful vetting and plan over others. Remember — time is your greatest resource! 

How to Stay Organized While Wedding Planning

Organize your Pinterest and Instagram Inspo

Pinterest and Instagram are a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration when it comes to wedding planning, including everything from specialty cocktails to tablescapes. Curate your favourite ideas by creating specific boards or collections for each category, such as wedding dresses, food, decor, etc. This way your vendor, whether it’s a photographer or florist, has a visual cue when it comes to what you want. 

Create a wedding website 

A wedding website is a great one-stop place for everything your guests will need to know, from your ceremony to reception to hotel ideas and gift registry. It can also be used as a great resource for you when it comes to collecting addresses and RSVPs from wedding guests. Many wedding websites are free and are easily tailored to fit your needs and style. 

Don’t be afraid to designate

If you’re planning your own wedding, don’t be a hero. Designate duties to your trusted family and friends, including members of your wedding party, so they’re able to help out whenever and however they can. Not only will this alleviate stress for you, but it will also allow them to be a part of your special day. Ensure you’re communicating how they can help specifically, along with deadlines, so you’re able to keep on track (and keep sane).

How to Stay Organized While Wedding Planning