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Cure Toronto

Nina 97

July 2019

The staff rolled their eyes instead of answering any type of question like "excuse me is there a coat check". The music was terrible and everyone at the club were sitting down instead of dancing. No thanks

Cure Toronto

Dominik Forys

June 2019

If your purchasing bottles, stay away from this club. A lot of hot headed security guys like to see you waste ur money and get kicked out.

Cure Toronto

Michael Saloio

May 2019

Purchased two bottles and went out for a smoke in which we were allowed re-entry after doing so and having already done so before. Instead sercuirty wouldnt let me back in or even allow me to grab my jacket from CC and made a fuss for zero reason. TLDR Security is a joke and its a dutty place - spend your money elsewhere

Cure Toronto

Daniela Nieva

April 2019

My friend past out and security didnt want to call 911 instead they just looked at him for a good 5 minute until I said something then they want to pick him up and because Im trying to call 911 one of the security picked me up without my permission and carried me across the club dance floor to then kick me out. I had just bought a $400 which I didnt get to enjoy because they kicked me out Im never coming to CURE again this was the worst experience ever I was there to have a good night instead end up being treated like a female dog by the security guards if something would of happened to my friends you guys and your security would of defiantly end up hearing from me again with a law suit ! Security guards are not allowed to kick people out especially the way you guys treated me for no reason. You guys are in the wrong for this one I remmeber everything I wasnt even drunk just because I decided to question your methods towards people laying on the floor unconscious

Cure Toronto

Alyssa Choboy

March 2019

Do not come here. Security did not use metal detectors but rather touched guests very innapropriately. Cover was merely based on attractiveness of the group. Do not recommend.

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