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Loki Hair Studio

Claudia Bevacqua

January 2020

Only the best at Loki hair studio! All of the stylists are amazing. I have been coming to Loki for years and will not go anywhere else. Absolutely amazing team! I highly recommend Loki awesome place with the best stylist in town!!

Loki Hair Studio


October 2019

I was a long-time, loyal client of Chelsea Panico (aka @josshair). I even followed her all the way to Loki Salon from L-Squared, despite the inconvenient commute. I always tipped generously (20-25%, even when Id lost my job), allowed her to up-sell me on products, & frequently sung her praises on social media. But she lost meas a customer & as a friendwhen she failed to do her job properly & then lashed out at *methe clientfor *her mistake.I hesitated to write this review for several months; however, I believe that her clients & potential future clients have a right to know what theyre getting themselves into in case theyre ever dissatisfied with Ms. Panicos work.As a cancer survivor, it was extremely important for me to be able to participate in the Colour for Cancer campaign, & raise money & awareness for a cause that is near & dear to my heart. I showed Chelsea several pictures, all of which are depicted on my Instagram pageViCarrieousLeealong with a couple post-appointment pictures that were taken mere hours afterward.As my followers were able to see, there was barely a trace of pink in my hair. And after spending so much money gradually lightening my locks over the course of several months (to the point where some of her followers who had seen the pictures she posted of me on her account actually wanted to copy my colour, which was very flattering), Chelsea had darkened the hairs that were supposed to be pink, so I ended up with a much darker do that I despised. Despite her mistake, I still generously tipped her 20-25% & even allowed her to up-sell me on a couple expensive products. As one who has made many mistakes in my life, I am very forgiving of others; however, when a person makes a mistake, but is unwilling to take responsibility or make amends, then it becomes a problem. First she tried to charge me even *more to fix *her mistake (And this is on top of the fact that when I arrived for my appointmentnot beforehandI was informed that the prices had gone up, so I had already paid more than $400 including the colour, which was done incorrectly, the additional products, and the tip). Since that was obviously an unsatisfactory solution for me, we went back and forth for several more weeks. By the middle of the month, I realized there was no point in even trying to put the pink back in my hair, as it was too late to start canvassing for donations or expecting people to pay when I would have colour in my hair for only the latter half of the month. Plus I didnt really trust Chelsea to try putting in the pink again, since she was unsuccessful the first time & didnt react well to my dissatisfaction.So instead I requested a partial refund, which seemed fair to me; however, Chelsea clearly disagreed & sent me an extremely unprofessional & immature text (which Ive also included on my IG page), essentially dumping me as a client just because she was mad about having to pay me back $100 out of her own pocket (Meaning she would get to keep the remaining $300 that originally came out of *my pocket, for a colour I was completely unsatisfied with & would have to pay to get fixed). She just came across as very two-faced & selfish, suddenly turning against a client she once treated as a friend simply because she hadnt done what I wanted & was more concerned about making money for herself than satisfying her customer or wasting *my hard-earned money.Like I said, we all make mistakes in our respective professions. But in my line of work, if I had made a mistake on one of my clients press releases, resulting in them being extremely irate & unsatisfied, I would start by acknowledging my mistake (if I hadnt already been fired) before apologizing & then going on to do everything in my power to make it up to the client. Chelsea seems to lack the maturity & professionalism required to take these steps & would rather treat her clients like theyre expendable (dumping them before blocking their phone numbers & social media accounts) than admit her mistakes & work toward rectifying them/Thx 4 reply!

Loki Hair Studio

Katrina Wojcik

September 2019

My experience at this salon is always enjoyable! I've had my hair cut, layered, styled, and coloured throughout the years by some very hair-passionate women! The atmosphere is fun and unique from friendly, approachable staff to talented and skilled stylists.

Loki Hair Studio

Daniela Teixeira

February 2019

My mother and I had our hair done by Chelsea and let me say, she does absolutely amazing work. She knows how to work with her colors. My mother and I had my sister's wedding the next day and Chelsea came in, even though she wasn't well and worked her magic. I will definitely be going back to her! Best service hands down. Thanks girl you absolutely rock.

Loki Hair Studio

Lily Ramirez

February 2019

As I waited nearby for completion of my vehicle, I walked across the street and asked for a wash and blow dry. They took me in immediately and did a great job. Friendly and efficient. Will definitely be back.

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