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The Sweetest Thing Confection


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March 2018

Awesome job! Recently just had my baby shower and i could not have asked for anything better! I would totally recommend thia company to anyone having an event! Totally nice people! Great job!

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March 2018

This company is incredible! My balloons lasted for weeks on end! They were gorgeous with gold foil inside and covered in tulle! Can’t wait to use them for my next event!


March 2018

Sweetest Thing is a go-to destination for party planning! Whether you want them to recreate something they've already done, or do something different for you, they are soooo full of ideas, and still able to add a little personal touch specific to you. Sweetest thing did my loot bags (boxes) for my shower, and they didnt just look adorable, the quality of the chocolate inside was soo good--this is not basic chocolate bars in a fancy package--trust me, guests will be asking what chocolates were in the box! You can trust them with it all, no hesitation: punctual, creative and nice to work with. Ive been to a few functions where they have done the decor, and what they can do with a few balloons is incredible--youll never want to go to party city again--it wont be cool enough.


March 2018

Excellent one stop shop for your next event. Efficient, Reliable and Trustworthy. Highly recommend The Sweetest Thing!!

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