December has officially graced us with its presence, which can only mean that the year’s most festive and delicious season is coming up fast! That’s right, t’is the season to dig out those baggy sweaters and stretchy pants because if you’re anything like us, you’re going to be doing a whole lot of good eating this holiday season!

We thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peak of some the new and tantalizing, mouth-watering, and delightfully delicious dishes that some of Toronto’s top caterers will be serving up in the coming weeks. We laid this out much as you would any spectacular meal: beginning with the appetizers, followed by the mains, then dessert! You’re welcome!

Chickpea Falafel Appetizer

10 of torontos finest caterers share 2018 holiday dishes, 1

This holiday season, we'll be serving up our Chickpea Falafel appetizers with black tahini, garlic sauce, pickled vegetables, mint, parsley and lemon zest. These delicious single biters are full of flavour - not to mention gluten free, dairy free AND vegan!

Photo of Adrian Niman
Adrian NimanFounder/Executive Chef
Food Dudes

Yorkshire Pudding Sliders

10 of torontos finest caterers share 2018 holiday dishes, 11

One of our irresistible favourites: this delicious Yorkshire Pudding Slider. Serving these has become a beloved holiday tradition for many of our clients. Scratch-made fluffy puddings are filled with beef tenderloin and aged white cheddar, then given a little yuletide zip with our tangy horseradish aioli. These delicious, English-inspired treats are the ideal holiday appetizer!

Photo of Fia Pagnello
Fia PagnelloCEO
Kiss the Cook Catering

Bacon Wrapped Poppers

10 of torontos finest caterers share 2018 holiday dishes, 12

Our Bacon wrapped Pepper Popper stuffed with smokey Cream Cheese is one of our hottest items yet and have quickly become a popular menu item! We anticipate serving up lots of these over the holiday season.

Photo of Roger Searle
Roger SearleExecutive Chef/Owner
Hawley Crescent

Steak and Blue Cheese Marshmallow Crostini

Holiday Dishes

Our unique crispy crostini topped with tender steak and torched blue cheese infused marshmallow is the delectable small bite you’ve been looking for to begin your holiday festivities!

Photo of Jay Suppiah
Jay SuppiahExecutive Chef
Presidential Gourmet

Wheatberry Risotto

Holiday Dishes

This twist on a classic dish draws inspiration from Ontario’s seasonal produce. We've composed a Wheatberry Risotto paired with compressed beets, airy parmesan espuma and freshly shaved black truffle. It is the perfect winter dish to elevate any holiday party or sit-down dinner.

Photo of Brady MacDowell
Brady MacDowellExecutive Chef
Encore Catering

Ontario Lamb Loin

with King Oyster Mushrooms, Shallots and Olives
Holiday Dishes

Since it's so falvourful, lamb is a great alternative to turkey or beef - which are quite traditional around the holidays. This is why we'll be serving up this dish of Ontario Lamb Loin! You can even add a simple marinade of garlic, chopped mint, olive oil, and red pepper flakes if you'd like!

Photo of Christoper Matthews
Christoper MatthewsExecutive Chef

Squid Ink Spaghetti Twirl

10 of torontos finest caterers share 2018 holiday dishes, 13

We’ve prepared an unconventional dish for the winter holiday featuring shaved black truffles, fresh Parmigiano Reggiano, and Squid Ink. This plate of spaghetti is decadent, dramatic and delicious - the perfect dish to add uniqueness to your holiday gathering!

Photo of Karen O'Connor
Karen O'ConnorExecutive Chef
Daniel et Daniel

Black Forest

Holiday DishesPhoto Courtesy of AJ Fernando

This dessert is a contemporary and delicious twist on a tried and true classic. Drawing inspiration from nature, the mossy colour and the crumbled chocolate cake resembles a forest floor. Beneath a cocoa butter and chocolate velvet finish are layers of Earl Grey chocolate cake, Morello cherry preserve and kirsh Chantilly cream. The Earl Grey tea adds that 'extra dessert umami' for your upcoming holiday party!

Photo of Manal Bashir
Manal BashirPastry Chef
Victor Dries

Nutella Chocolate Mousse

Holiday Dishes

The holiday season is always fun for us to experiment with different recipes and techniques. Inspired by the classic holiday Ferrero Rocher chocolate, we created our very own Chocolate-Hazelnut Verrine. A combination of Chocolate Mousse, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Honeycomb, and Toasted Hazelnuts, we add the final touch of a gold leaf to complete the perfect dessert for any holiday event.

Photo of Toben Kochman
Toben KochmanExecutive Chef
Toben Food By Design

Traditional Christmas Pudding

10 of torontos finest caterers share 2018 holiday dishes, 14

We know that there is no complete meal without dessert, and Christmas is the perfect time of year to indulge. Our Traditional Christmas Pudding is the perfect way to make holidays feel a bit more nostalgic and offer a taste of home. This dessert is the perfect ending to a very traditional Christmas celebration.

RENÉ KRAMERExecutive Chef
en Ville Event Design and Catering