So what do you get for the couple that wants to save the world? How about something to help them in their effort? Eco-consciousness is not a trend or a fad, it’s a real part of many people’s lives. It allows them to reduce their harm to the environment in the age of climate change. What better way to show the happy couple you care than by purchasing gifts that fall in line with their beliefs? Here are a few eco-friendly wedding gift ideas for that couple who keep mother nature in mind.

1. Sign them up for an eco-friendly subscription service 

There are plenty of subscription companies that bundle everything from cleaning products to groceries, self-care, child-care products, and more. Many are filled with fair-trade, cruelty-free, and or GMO-free items. They think of everything, right down to the plastic-free and biodegradable packaging! These services usually give subscribers the option of delivery by season or monthly. They will also let you know if there’s a minimum amount of boxes you need to buy to maintain a subscription. 

10 Wedding Gift Ideas For Eco-Friendly Couples

2. Plant a tree in celebration

Marriage is all about new growth in a relationship, so why not commemorate it by planting a tree in their honour. There are many organizations working to rehabilitate areas of the country—and the world that are in need of reforestation. Trees provide oxygen, food, shelter and are used in so many of the products we utilize on a daily basis.  You can plant an entire row of trees in one area, or pick a few different locations that you think the couple would appreciate. Many of these companies will also send you a sustainably sourced commemorative card with a picture of the tree(s) you plant and space for you to write a personal message.

10 Wedding Gift Ideas For Eco-Friendly Couples

3. Adopt an elephant (or any other wild animal)!

One option for the animal-loving couple is to adopt an animal from a conservation charity. These types of charities work towards rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned animals like elephants, and giraffes, as well as protecting their habitats. You can choose an animal from a profile, usually filled with pictures and a backstory explaining how the animal came to be with them. They will provide updates on its care and life through newsletters, videos, and photographs. Some of these organizations even go live on Instagram, so the couple can watch the caretakers interact with the elephant or giraffe that you adopt for them!

10 Wedding Gift Ideas For Eco-Friendly Couples

4. Buy them a matching set of robes

Robes up the comfy factor in any situation. They’re perfect right out of the shower and even lounging around the house. Buying a set of couples robes for your newly married friends is a lovely idea for those cozy mornings together. Various eco-friendly companies produce robes that are made out of 100 percent Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton—which claims environmentally friendliness from farm to production. They may even offer the option to monogram the robes for that extra personal touch.

10 Wedding Gift Ideas For Eco-Friendly Couples

5. Invest in their health with yoga mats

For the couple that exercises together, you’ll find a great gift in yoga mats. Typically made of PVC and other non-biodegradable materials, look for companies that prioritize safety. Choose one that uses ethically sourced materials to create their mats, such as cork and recycled plastic bottles. Your friends will be grateful that you got them a gift that you know they’ll use and be even more appreciative when they know the materials that went into making it are safe. 

10 Wedding Gift Ideas For Eco-Friendly Couples

6. An indoor compost bin

I think we can all admit that a significant amount of the food we eat ends up in the garbage. Help your newlywed friends out by empowering them to turn that food into food for their plants—and keep it out of landfills. Composting bins come in all shapes and sizes, from high tech to more user-friendly, so pick the one you think would best suit their lifestyle!

10 Wedding Gift Ideas For Eco-Friendly Couples

7. A stay at a green hotel or spa

After paying for their wedding and honeymoon, your newly married friends may not be able to afford to treat themselves as often as they’d like. Why not get them an overnight staycation at an eco-friendly hotel or a day at the spa? Look for a hotel or spa that implements green practices such as energy-efficient lighting systems and low flow showers and toilets. Inquire about whether they use sustainable fabrics for linens and towels, all-natural products, and energy-saving appliances. 

10 Wedding Gift Ideas For Eco-Friendly Couples

8. Wine glasses made from recycled materials

Toast your friends with a long and happy marriage by buying them a set of wine glasses made from recycled glass or plastic. It’s an easy way to give them something stylish, yet sustainable.  There are an endless number of shapes and sizes to choose from, so you won’t have any trouble finding a pair that suits their style.

10 Wedding Gift Ideas For Eco-Friendly Couples

9. A wooden cutting board

A cutting board is a necessary and much-used part of any kitchen. Thankfully, there are many wooden options on the market. Choose a board made from cork, reclaimed or salvaged wood, or bamboo, among other green materials. There are endless shapes and sizes on the market, giving you ample options for the perfect gift. We’re sure they’ll never get “board” of it!

10 Wedding Gift Ideas For Eco-Friendly Couples

10. Donate to their favourite charity in their honour

Finally, you can find a charity that aligns with the couple’s personal beliefs and values and make a donation on their behalf. It could be a charity that provides access to clean drinking water, cancer research, or even a clean air initiative. Whether it be local or international, choose one that truly follows through on their mission statement. 

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