From your wedding albums to social media, your wedding photos are a beautiful expression of your love not to mention the best keepsake of your big day. So finding that perfect pose for your wedding photos is necessary when it comes to creating memorable moments between the bride and groom. Even if you have (are) a fantastic wedding photographer, it definitely helps to know a list of unique and romantic poses that you will want to try. Below, check out the 10 types of wedding photo poses that you’ll need to make the most beautiful memories of your love story.  

1. Bride Blindfolding The Groom 

This is a classic but for a reason — it’s a cute nod to the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride before the big day. This pose can be done in a number of ways such as having the bride to cover the groom’s eyes right before the first look. You can also blindfold the groom with a scarf or tie. It’s a great way to kick off your wedding’s story. 

2. The First Look 

The first look is a must when it comes to wedding photo poses. This is the moment when the groom lays eyes on his bride in her wedding dress for the very first time. While traditionally this moment might happen during a ceremony, it’s a good idea for the bride and groom to capture it beforehand as there’s more opportunity to create an intimate moment that encapsulates all the emotions of this very special exchange. 

10 Wedding Photo Poses That You'll Need For Your Upcoming Wedding!

3. The First Dance 

Another classic moment that definitely needs to be documented (typically, any firsts between you and your sweetheart should be captured). While the first dance typically takes place during the reception, you can also indulge in an impromptu dance during your photoshoot. The spontaneity will surely guarantee some sparks. 

4. The Hand Kiss 

For a sweet fairytale moment, a shot of the groom taking the bride’s hand and gracing it with a gentle kiss will likely hit the mark. This loving gesture can perfectly capture your romantic connection. 

5. The Forehead Kiss

Like the hand kiss, the forehead kiss is another sweet symbol of your love — while also being a win-win pose. The gesture showcases their deep bond and adds some romantic whimsy to photos. 

10 Wedding Photo Poses That You'll Need For Your Upcoming Wedding!

6. The Eye-To-Eye Gaze

The eyes are the windows into the soul and when two lovebirds lock eyes — look out! To capture the intimacy and chemistry between you and your love, look at each other sweetly and softly lock eyes and see what happens. No doubt the pose will speak volumes of your love. 

10 Wedding Photo Poses That You'll Need For Your Upcoming Wedding!

7. The “Walking” Pose 

A fun and natural wedding photo pose is simply capturing the bride and groom walking. Whether strolling hand-in-hand in a meadow or on a busy city street, this moving pose is a nice change from the typical static poses and also provides an eye-catching backdrop too.  

10 Wedding Photo Poses That You'll Need For Your Upcoming Wedding!

8. Take Advantage Of The Weather 

As all wedding vendors understand, you can’t control Mother Nature — but you can take advantage of the weather around you. If it’s raining, use it as an excuse to create a unique moment such as the groom covering the bride with his jacket or dancing together under the rain with umbrellas. 

10 wedding photo poses that youll need for your upcoming wedding, 1

9. The Head-On-The-Shoulder Pose 

An intimate and natural pose is one that is common for most couples: when the bride rests her head on the groom’s shoulder or chest. This is a pose that showcases a vulnerable moment that shines a light on your connection. 

10. The Kiss

Of course, there will be a number of kisses throughout the day and you definitely want to capture at least one of them. This could be the kiss that seals your nuptials after you tie the knot or any romantic embrace that shows your long-lasting love. 

10 Wedding Photo Poses That You'll Need For Your Upcoming Wedding!