While wedding cakes will certainly never go out out style, it’s perfectly possible that cake just isn’t your thing. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t force anything and instead embrace your personal taste! There are plenty of alternatives that you can have on your wedding day to satisfy your and your guests’ sweet tooth!

Ice cream

Whether it’s in cake form or not, having ice cream at your wedding will always be a hit with your guests– who doesn’t love sprinkles, whipped cream and chocolate sauce?!


This delicate French dessert has gained popularity in recent years due to its air of sophistication. Package these cute desserts individually for your guests or have them arranged in a tower. Bonus- they are usually gluten-free and come in a variety of flavours!


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Snow cones

Amp of the nostalgia on a hot summer evening with snow cones. Your guests will love them and you can take them to the next level by having interesting flavours like lavender-lemon or adding a splash of gin for a boozy take on this summer favourite.


You can’t go wrong with cookies! You can even have them pull double duty as your dessert and wedding favours by customizing them with your names and wedding date. Score!


Can’t decide on a flavour? No worries– having cupcakes allows you to hit a few popular choices so that your guests will be sure to have something they like. Cupcakes are like the better, more portable version of cake so they won’t distract your guests from the really important things to do at your wedding (like tearing up the dance floor!).

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Cake pops

A fun and tasty alternative for those who still want cake, just not a lot of it. Cake pops have rising in popularity and continue to be a hit at any event they attend. These portable, bite sized sweets can be customized to fit your colour scheme and can be made in a variety of flavours!


Who doesn’t love pie?! Especially if your family has a killer pie recipe, this can be a sweet way to make your dessert meaningful. Pie pairs perfectly with backyard weddings, rustic chic décor and really, everything else in life too.


Decorate those donuts to match your dessert table and wedding decor!!! They are also the perfect dessert to share and be creative with. You can offer different flavours, sizes and textures. Why not also surprise your guest with a yummy and delightful donut filling?


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Pancakes or waffles

Are you have a brunch wedding? Then having a pancake or waffle bar might be the best thing for your guests to enjoy! Allow them to choose their toppings: maple syrup; whipped cream; berries and even bacon – pair this with a mimosa or spicy ceasar and you are sure to be remembered!


Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly! Cheese is becoming an incredibly popular alternative to dessert. With many people opting to cut carbs and sugar, having a cheese board in place of a cake is a great option. Think about it, wheels of cheese can be stacked to look like a multi-tiered wedding cake. Coincidence? We think not.

Dessert bar

Can’t decide on your favourite dessert? You don’t have to! Put a little bit of everything together and create an epic dessert bar that allows your guests to choose their own adventure!

BONUS: If you are still hoping for that cake cutting photo op, and to save your top tier to have on your anniversary – just have a small personal cake made for you and your partner!