Gone are the days when your guests could expect to take home a bag of Jordan almonds from your wedding. Nowadays, wedding favours are another chance for you to let your personality shine in the form of a gift that your guests will actually enjoy! Here are some ideas to inspire you:

1. Shot Glasses:
Engrave them with your wedding date or wedding hashtag and have guests use them at the reception.

2. Individual Coffee/Tea Servings:
Do you have a favourite tea blend? Or maybe your first date was at a local coffee house. Gift your favourite java to your guests in individual servings so they can enjoy at home.

3. Coasters:
Coasters make a great wedding favour since most people need coasters and never buy them – complete with cute quotes, these will live on coffee tables for years to come!

4. Succulents:
Plants are a great favour for a summer wedding, and almost no one can kill a succulent.

wedding favours

Photo Courtesy of Revel Photography

5. Mason Jars:
Save on glassware and create custom mason jars that your guests can use for the evening.

6. Pint/Wine Glasses:
Another great way to give your guests something to use again are pint/wine glasses engraved with your wedding hashtag or a fun quote about love.

7. Olive Oil:
Maybe you and your partner love to cook! Picking a delicious and unique olive oil to use as your wedding favours is a fun alternative to candy or cake.

8. Flip Flops:
Keep your guests’ feet comfy so they can dance all night long!

9. Sunglasses:
Are you getting married outside? Protect your guests’ eyes with some unique shades!

10. Chocolate:
A timeless classic, you can never go wrong with chocolate! Work with a local chocolatier to pick your favourite flavours.

11. Bottle Openers:
Everyone loves a novelty bottle opener! This way, every time your guests crack a beer, they will think of you!

12. Macarons:
Take your favours up a notch and have custom macarons made. Wrap them in a fun box and leave them on your guest’s place settings.

13. Home made treats:
Are you known for your family honey recipe? Maybe you bake something unique!

wedding favours wedding favours

Left Photo Courtesy of Lushana Bale Photography, Right Photo Courtesy of Samantha Ong Photography

14. Hot Sauce:
Give your guests individual servings of your favourite hot sauce, be sure to include custom tags to thank them for coming!

15. Cupcakes:
Let’s be honest, you can never go wrong with cupcakes.

16. Candles:
Partner with a local candle shop to create a signature scent that you can gift your guests in the form of a candle.

17. Flower Seeds:
A great favour if you’re trying to have a more environmentally friendly wedding, gift your guests some flower seeds that they can plant in their garden.

18. Custom Candy:
Nothing is tastier than eating an M&M with your friend’s face on it!

19. Mix CDs:
Go old school and include a CD of all your favourite songs, including the soundtrack of your wedding day!

20. Blankets:
In case your guests get cold- have blankets custom embroidered to offer them and keep them warm.

As you can see, there are so many different wedding favours that are perfect to give your guests! Do you best to find something that your guests will actually use rather than giving them something that will immediately end up in the garbage. Happy Planning!