Although restrictions on gatherings will continue into 2021, that doesn’t mean love is cancelled or that love isn’t worth celebrating. In fact, it means that smaller, more intimate weddings will continue to trend upward as couples continue to finding creative ways to continue celebrating their love despite the restricted guest count. The bonus of having an intimate wedding is that you may free up some of your budget to be able to spend more on the visual items like décor and florals – remember, intimate doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the details! In fact, it’s all the more reason to add some drama and beauty with big, bold, beautiful florals!

Don’t just take our word for it – we reached out to a handful of the city’s top florists, and they couldn’t agree more! Check out their floral forecast on what’s trending for the upcoming wedding season.

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“Use What You Have”

“A favorite concept that has emerged for me in 2020, is the realization that we need to use what we have. Be it a tree, or an old fence, a bench, a random old window or door on the side of a building… Literally anything can now be the backdrop of an intimate small ceremony, celebrating what is truly important – the union of two people. For a designer this is creative freedom! We walk into a chosen space, with a few buckets of gorgeous flowers, some foliage, and a loose design concept. Give us an hour or two, and an everyday space will soon be transformed into a perfect intimate wedding local. I believe this concept will continue into 2021. Not any design ‘piece’ per se; more a realization that flowers are what will make an everyday space an extraordinary intimate ceremony! Allowing people to get married, and still have it feel special.

This gorgeous tree design came together in less than two weeks, when my couple couldn’t get married at their venue any longer. They were so brave, and decided that no matter what they were getting married! Which led them to purchase a permit at Kew Gardens, for rain or shine! We were so close to their wedding date already, I had all the flowers on order for their original plan… so I was like ‘why not decorate a tree to get married in front of?!’ And, the best part, the day was perfect! We took an ordinary tree in the corner of a park, and made it a special place, just for them.”

– Amber, Cool, Green & Shady

Floral Trends

Photo Credit: Jessilynn Wong Photography

Delicate Installations

“As weddings shift to private residences and cottages we have been loving the use of delicate installations that make a large impact but do not feel overwhelming. This mock arch on a dock in Muskoka is a great example of how to transform a space but not take it over. ”

– Tellie, Hunt and Gather

Secrets Floral Collection

Floral Trends

Photo Courtesy of BBhe & Weddings

Floral Installation Over Table

“With the gathering restrictions in place, many couples now celebrate their wedding with their close family and loved ones only during pandemic. To enhance the experience of an intimate dinner with family, we suggest adding a large floral installation over the dining table. Traditionally, floral installations were hung over the dance floor for larger weddings in bigger spaces. However, if there is a large floral installation over the dining table, the guests can appreciate the flowers more closely throughout the night.”

– Zoe, Secrets Floral Collection

De Novo Florals

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Ceremony Flower Centerpieces

“Adorn your next wedding with floral pedestals as the main backdrop in place of an arch! These soft blossoms evoke a sense of warm bliss. The pedestals can be rearranged for the reception table or as aisle flowers later on. These arrangements are perfect for couples looking for an intimate yet complete floral set-up at their wedding while being budget friendly.”

– Amber, De Novo Florals

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Photo Courtesy of Purple Tree Wedding Photography

Wow-Factor Arch Designs

“I believe that one of the most popular design elements that you will see in weddings this year is going to be wow-factor arch designs. A large show stopping arch design will create beautiful surroundings for the couple during their ceremony. Couples can also consider repurposing this focal area for their head table, a photo backdrop, to surround a cake or sweets table and for so many other uses. That way this dramatic design feature can be enjoyed for the entire wedding day.”

– Rosanne, The Social Rose

Rosehill Blooms

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Photo Courtesy of Alix Gould Photography

The Crescent Ceremony Hedge

“This is a trend we see as very popular for intimate weddings for the upcoming 2021 season, and there are so many compelling reasons why! First, the shape of the crescent hedge creates a focus on the wedding couple. But this isn’t just for the ground-up aesthetic or to create an audience, it literally creates a sacred, enveloping frame for the ceremony. And that’s what we’re hearing from clients who are planning micro-weddings this year: they want to celebrate their love and be married. Yes, the natural tones and classic greens, whites and neutrals mixed with pops of mustard and rust and ochre is gorgeous – but what I’m often hearing from clients is an insistent desire to express their love, in the embrace of nature, as soon – and as intimately – as possible.”

– Sarah, Rosehill Blooms

BLUUMBLVD Floral & Events

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Photo Courtesy of Norr Studio

Uniquely Designed Bouquets 

“One trend that I’m seeing is brides stepping away from the oversized bouquets and opting for personal flowers that are uniquely designed. Although the garden-style bouquet will always be a favourite among brides, I think micro-wedding gives couples the freedom to be a little daring. For this bride, we took a modern take on the pageant bouquet and created this organically designed arm-lay bouquet, it was a show stopper! This bouquet is perfect for anyone who dares to be different and wants to show off all those beautiful details on their wedding dress. ”

– Stephanie, BLUUMBLVD Floral & Events

Our friends at Pink Twig have a similar thought:

Pink Twig Floral Boutique

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Personal Floral Bouquet Design

“As wedding sizes shrink due to the ongoing pandemic, the celebration of love inevitably becomes much more intimate. Not only is the number of attendees small, but so is the floral! The size average of bridal bouquets have become more petite and in addition, have become a more true, personal reflection of the bride herself. Instead of choosing flowers considered “traditional” or “wedding appropriate”, we draw inspiration from the bride and groom themselves and create a design that is uniquely them.”

– Jessica, Pink Twig Floral Boutique

Patchouli Floral Design

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Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Wood Photography

Bold Ceremony Installations

“With less tables to decorate, it’s easier to allocate a larger portion of your budget towards the ceremony. Investing in a beautiful, impactful arch or installation for your ceremony is a great way to bring a wow factor to a smaller wedding.”

– Dayna, Patchouli Floral Design