It’s no secret that planning a wedding is no small task – in fact, it can be as stressful and time consuming as a full-time job! At the same time, it can also be the most exciting time of your life. Throughout the planning process, there are several emotions that you will go through as a bride:


You’re engaged! Congratulations! The weeks following your engagement are some of the best and happiest weeks of your life. You’re in the honeymoon stage where you have all the big ideas and want to invite all the people to your wedding. Enjoy this stage.


When you sit down to actually start planning, you are determined to plan the perfect wedding with your dream dress all while staying within your budget. This stage is short lived.


After you’ve made a few decisions, you will realize that planning your perfect wedding while staying within your budget is nearly impossible. During this stage, you will start to make trade-offs between different line items in your wedding. For example, your floral budget will be cut in half to accommodate your photographer.


At some point during your planning process something will go wrong – in fact, it is likely that many things will go wrong while planning your wedding. The first few times this happens, you will panic, you will think your wedding is ruined and you will need to rethink certain aspects of your big day.


Did you know that there are approximately 3000 shades of pink? During this stage of planning your wedding, you will start to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of decisions that need to be made.


After you have had to give up on having your dream cake, and your in-laws have bullied you into inviting ten of their friends, you will reach the anger stage of wedding planning. During this stage, you will have a melt-down, you will ugly cry and you will storm out of the room. During this stage you might also wonder who’s idea it was to have a wedding in the first place.


After you have your melt-down, you will reach a new level of peace where you are suddenly okay with all that is going ‘wrong’ with your wedding, in other words, you DGAF about anything trivial anymore. This is potentially the best stage since it is at this point that you will forget about all the little things and start to get super excited about your wedding.


About a month before you get married, you will hit a wall of exhaustion. It is important in this stage to take care of yourself to ensure that you stay healthy and happy leading up to your wedding day. Take a day to relax, grab a coffee with a friend and forget about your wedding to do list.


This is the best part! Once all your to-do lists have been crossed out and there is nothing left to plan, you finally get to feel the unbridled excitement about your wedding. During this stage take time to connect with your spouse-to-be and enjoy the anticipation together.

Planning your wedding is a whole bunch of emotions all mixed into one. While there are some stressful parts, there are also lots of fun parts. Enjoy the entire process but remember to enjoy other parts of your life that have nothing to do with the wedding. Spend time with your friends or partner and take care of yourself. Happy planning!