You’ve exchanged the vows, you’ve committed to the love of your life, and you’re ready to eat and dance the night away. But first, the walk back down the aisle, this time together as a married couple! So how do you want that moment to be celebrated? While it’s customary to throw rice at the end of the service, here are a few alternative creative ceremony toss ideas if you’re looking for a ceremony exit that is a little less traditional.

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Dissolvable Confetti

For a colourful exit, why not have guests toss dissolvable confetti? This type of confetti is made with materials that easily break down without leaving any environmentally harmful elements behind. Instead of being made out of paper or plastic, ingredients can include blown cornstarch and mica. If you’re the creative type, you can make your own dissolvable confetti by hole punching leaves! This option is perfect for an autumn wedding when the leaves are changing colours, providing you with a colourful palette made by mother nature herself!

Dissolvable Confetti - Ceremony Toss Ideas


Walking down the aisle hand in hand to the sound of ringing bells is a magical way to begin your journey together. Have guests place the bells underneath their seats during the ceremony and then ring them to their heart’s content at the end of it. The bells can double as a wedding favour by having them engraved with the wedding date on them. They can even pull triple duty as a ring for a kiss bell during the reception!

There are so many creative and fun ways to include your family and friends in your joyous end-of-ceremony celebration. Whichever toss you choose to go with, make sure to confirm with your wedding venue beforehand about any restrictions that may be in place. Happy celebrating!


Be prepared to feel like a child again by giving guests bubbles to blow your way during the ceremony exit. Not only will it make for beautiful photos, there is no cleanup involved and the containers can be kept and reused. Alternatively, you can hand out bubble guns, which may be ideal while we are still living through this pandemic. As some venues do have restrictions on the types of items that can be tossed, bubbles are a great alternative ceremony toss idea. 

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Your local feathered friends will be grateful to take on cleanup duty if you use birdseed as your wedding toss! You can fill cones or small bags with birdseed as a DIY project, or reach out to wedding companies that specialize in customizable packaging and bulk orders. As with any toss involving smaller pieces, remind guests to toss gently at the newlyweds!

Dried flowers

Perfect for outdoor weddings and chapel exits alike, dried flowers are a beautiful way to end your ceremony. There are companies that specialize in creating these colourful wedding toss mélanges to match your colour scheme precisely. They may also offer scented and non-scented combinations, depending on your preference. 

Dried Flowers - Ceremony Toss Ideas