All weddings are the start of something special but for Amanda and James (who had been powering through a long distance relationship while James was living in Pennsylvania and Amanda was living in Toronto), their big day was a real celebration of the start of their lives actually together!

This couple’s vision for their big day was to have a cool, chic cocktail party that was inviting for their guests. Amanda shares, “We wanted the decor to be aesthetically pleasing without being too floral or bubblegum bridal.” Luckily, they were in the right hands with the team at Mad Bash Group (Lynzie just happened to be a bridesmaid as well). Blending bright and dark colours together with modern touches, Lynzie’s team helped this bride and groom turn the Guelph Youth Music Centre into the dazzling wedding of their dreams. Thankfully, photographer Jennifer See Studios was on hand to capture every moment.

JenniferSeeStudios001The couple’s glam stationery was  designed by Beet & Path 

JenniferSeeStudios002 JenniferSeeStudios003 JenniferSeeStudios004 JenniferSeeStudios006 JenniferSeeStudios007Dress Courtesy of Ferre Sposa Bridal Boutique

JenniferSeeStudios008JenniferSeeStudios0010 JenniferSeeStudios0012

From pops of colour to cool leather jackets to breathtaking backdrops, the couple’s photo session was beyond picturesque — it was a work of art.

JenniferSeeStudios0025 JenniferSeeStudios0024 JenniferSeeStudios0019 JenniferSeeStudios0022 JenniferSeeStudios0021 JenniferSeeStudios0020 (2) JenniferSeeStudios0023 JenniferSeeStudios0017 JenniferSeeStudios0016 JenniferSeeStudios0015 JenniferSeeStudios0014 JenniferSeeStudios0013

The intimate ceremony was highlighted by strings of light and a gorgeous mural — all reminiscent of the night’s modern theme.

Classical Wedding JenniferSeeStudios0027 JenniferSeeStudios0028 JenniferSeeStudios0029

In tandem with their desired cocktail party theme, the newlyweds’ reception was not a formal sit down dinner. Instead, they used one of the venue‘s theatres for the ceremony and dancing. A smaller room, decorated with a jewelled tone palette of blues, greens and yellows, was used for mingling and the bar area. Bright blooms, vintage-like decor, and playful details, like the couple’s ‘Blastagram’, added to the magic of the festivities.

JenniferSeeStudios0030 JenniferSeeStudios0031 Classical Wedding JenniferSeeStudios0033 JenniferSeeStudios0034 JenniferSeeStudios0035 (2) Classical Wedding JenniferSeeStudios0035 JenniferSeeStudios0036 JenniferSeeStudios0037 JenniferSeeStudios0038 Classical Wedding JenniferSeeStudios0040