Brent is a talented and accomplished professional singer/pianist/entertainer with a wide range of music and musical line-ups to suit your event. He comes highly recommended and can customize a song list to meet your requirements. Brent Miller's Band is well versed in all musical genres and can play on the fly. Brent is also a DJ in case you need somebody to play additional music outside of the performance, he's your man.

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Allow Me To Introduce Myself – 6 Types of Wedding Introductions

Everybody loves a good introduction. Be it an introduction to intriguing new friends at a party, your new girlfriends’ discerning parents, or to your new managing supervisor at work, there is a certain magic to that first contact where you have the chance to leave the ultimate impression. Perhaps this is why over the years […]


Should I or Shouldn’t I? Singing At Your Own Wedding

Sure, singing at your own wedding isn’t for everyone; this brave act should be reserved only for those with true, awe-inspiring talent and of course, a whole lot of nerves. Think back to Uncle Jesse’s wedding on Full House. As he sat at the piano and sang the Beach Boys’ romantic classic Forever to his TV sweetheart Rebecca Donaldson, […]


Choosing The Right Ceremony Music

Choosing wedding music is one of those tasks that seems like incredible fun at first.  We all love music. We all love weddings.  Shouldn’t finding the perfect ceremony song be as easy as pressing shuffle on my iPhone? For so many of the brides and grooms that I’ve had the chance to speak with on this […]


Slow down DJ, Play To The Room!

So many of Toronto’s most beautiful and fantastic weddings happen in very original spaces. From mansion houses to old restored churches; from re-imagined jazz clubs to funky original restaurant/event spaces, today’s reception standard is anything BUT standard. Given that these weddings and their locations are so original and imaginative, shouldn’t the music reflect that too? […]

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