When you first get engaged, the wedding can feel like ages away. Sure, you’re over the moon excited to marry the love of your life, but it can feel like a long time before it actually gets here. Trust us – it’s going to come up fast!

Once you’ve set a date and things start to fall into place, you need to nail down your guest list and start thinking about your invitations. An important aspect of the wedding invitation is the Save the Date card. These handy little cards serve to inform your guests that they are going to be invited to the wedding and ensure that they make themselves available on that date.

Are Save the Dates really that important? Put simply, YES! Since you often won’t send the official invitation until later on, Save the Dates will make sure that most of your guests can come to the wedding. Since they are usually sent out 12-9 months before the wedding, this also clears up any doubts that your guests may have about whether or not they are invited so they don’t feel obligated to hold a date open.

Save the Date

Remember that simple is what you need. So what information should you include on your Save the Date?

1. Your wedding date: This seems obvious, but you’d be surprised. Make sure it is clear what day your guests are ‘saving’.

2. Your names: Also, may seem obvious, but it is very important to include your names a long with the date so that guests don’t get confused.

3. The city and country: While you don’t need to put the venue or address, it is a good idea to let guests know the city that you will be getting married in, in case they need to plan to take time of work or arrange accommodations.

4. Your wedding website URL: If you have one, it is a good idea to let your guests know that they can find more information on your wedding website.

5. Invitation to follow: This little bit of information lets guests know that they will receive more information at a later date so they don’t overwhelm you with texts and emails asking for details.


What you don’t need to put on your Save the Dates:

1. Addresses of venues: You do not need to let your guests know the addresses of your ceremony and reception. This is information that you will include on your official invitation.

2. Registry information: Since you will be giving your guests your registry information on the invite as well as your wedding website, you do not need to include it here.