A snuggle with your loved one inside a gorgeous atmosphere put together by some of Toronto’s most talented decor professionals? Count us in! Hafsah and Kassim were this year’s winners of The Vow Project’s #SnuggleSesh experience. The couple was treated to an ultra-romantic, personalized date experience, all meticulously created from their own personal love story. First stop? A boho picnic at The Burroughes. Prepare to get cozy and fall in love with these beautiful shots by the oh-so-talented Scarlet O’Neill.

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After their pretty picnic, the couple embarked upon a city adventure that included two of their favourite past times: taking a romantic stroll in the park, and grabbing a couple of pints at a local pub.

ScarletOneill0023 ScarletOneill0024 ScarletOneill0025 ScarletOneill0026 ScarletOneill0027 ScarletOneill0029 ScarletOneill0030

To cap off their perfect day, the couple was treated to a private gourmet dinner at Momofuku Nikai in downtown Toronto.

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