Your hair and makeup trial is the perfect opportunity to test out different looks for your wedding day and decide if what you have in mind is really what you want for your big day. Here are some tips to help you get ready for your hair and makeup trial.

Get Inspired but Keep an Open Mind

Hop on Pinterest and find some photos of wedding hair that make you swoon. Make sure you bring these along with you or send them to your stylist in advance. The caveat here is that your desired style may not be the best for your shape or hair. Trust your stylist and allow them some freedom when creating your wedding style.

Wear White

It may seem a bit silly but wearing a shirt that matches the colour of your dress is always a good idea. This way your stylist will know what your colouring looks like against white and will help to select what colours they use. If you don’t have anything white, opt for neutral colours rather than something bright or patterned as this can affect the look of your skin.

Hair and Makeup

Photo Courtesy of Lori Waltenbury

Bring Accessories and Bling

If you’re planning to wear hair accessories or jewelry at your wedding, be sure to bring them with you. This way, your stylist will be able to create a hairstyle around your veil/headpiece and make sure that you are able to easily remove it for the party. If you’re deciding between a few pieces, bring all of them and see which looks best with your hair and makeup.

Arrive With a Clean Face and Hair

When you arrive for your trial, make sure you’re giving them the same canvas they will have on the day. For your hair, be sure to blow dry the day before for volume (morning of if you have oily hair) and refrain from using product or your straightener. Arrive with a makeup free face but be sure to moisturize daily leading up to your trial and wedding.

Come Prepared

Bring a list of your favourite makeup brands, any allergies or anything else your stylist should be aware of. Do you get extra rosey after a drink? Let them know so they go light on the blush. Do you prefer light foundation or no foundation at all? Let. Them. Know. Having open dialogue with your stylist will ensure that you look and feel your best on your wedding day.