As your wedding date gets closer, you will start to attend some last minute appointments – like your final dress fitting and your hair and makeup trial. Obviously you have picked an amazing makeup artist and they will make you look fantastic, however, ensuring that your skin is the best it can be is always a good idea. Prepping your skin for your wedding makeup will save both you and your makeup artist a lot of stress on the day.

Since your wedding can be a time of increased stress, you are more likely to see a few pimples try to pop up, especially if you are near that time of the month! By taking time to prep your skin before your wedding, you are more likely to have supple, blemish free skin on the day. So what can you do?

First, start early, like today. The longer you lead time you have to make your skin happy, the better! Then, follow these tips:


Since we are basically house plants with complicated emotions – the best thing we can do for ourselves is to hydrate! Yep, pick up that Brita and start throwing back the H2O. Aim for a minimum of 2L per day (more if it’s hot or you’re exercising). Drinking water helps keep our cells healthy both inside and out and keeps our skin plump and toxin free. The best way to get your water in is to opt for water over juice or pop and always order water first when out for a bevvy with your friends.

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Photos Courtesy of Lindsie Grey

Minimize the makeup

When we wear a lot of makeup, our pores get clogged and dried out which results in our skin creating more oil to try to flush and moisturize, which can result in more acne, which results in us wearing more makeup. It’s a vicious cycle that only you can break! Try reducing the amount of makeup you wear, as well as aiming for a few days in a row of no makeup to let your skin rest and repair for your wedding makeup.

Wash your face

Make sure that you are taking time each day to wash your face. Using a gentle, detergent free cleanser, remove your makeup and clean your face. We suggest doing so before bed to get that days dirt out of your pores. As far as exfoliation, consider reducing this to once a week, or less to make sure your skin isn’t too dry and has time to heal.


We can’t stress this enough – moisturize your face! The skin on our face is sensitive and yet, it is constantly exposed to the outside world, especially if you are wearing a mask frequently. Be sure to use a light, fragrance free moisturizer daily, and up the amount if you live somewhere cold or dry.

Get a facial

Find a spa that has a cleansing yet minimally invasive facial treatment that you can do a few days before the wedding. You want to avoid anything harsh or chemical laden, and opt for a treatment that will reduce redness and open your pores.