Should you wear your hair up or down for your wedding day? A question that most brides will ask themselves. And while it seems like it shouldn’t be a difficult decision, how you wear your hair has a big impact on your wedding day look. Fortunately, there are so many amazing hairstyles for both updos and non updos.

When choosing a wedding hairstyle, there are a few things to keep in mind:

The Weather

Possibly the most important factor to wedding hair is the weather. Sunshine, heat, rain, humidity, wind, snow etc. Your hair needs to stand up to all of them. So, if you think that some humidity will make your hair fall flat, an updo may be the better choice.

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The Climate

Where you get married has a lot to do with how you can wear your hair as well. If you are opting for a desert or mountain wedding where the air is dry – you are less likely to have frizzy hair. If you’re at the beach with a lot of wind, you may want to keep that in mind so you’re not constantly distracted by hair blowing across your face.


Remember, your hair needs to last a long time – like at least six to eight hours. And while your hair will look amazing immediately after its done, you’ll want to think ahead and decide what will be easier for you to manage. If you’re happy to have loose curls that you can brush out multiple times throughout the day, nix the updo and opt for a more natural look. Conversely, if you want to set it and forget it, opt to wear your hair up.

Your Hair

How you wear your hair on the day will depend a lot on the texture, length and attitude of your hair. For instance, shorter hair can be made to look more voluminous in an updo, whereas wearing it down limits your choices. If your hair tends to have a mind of its own, keeping it up and away from your face will reduce stress on your big day. On the other hand, if your hair has natural volume and there’s never a hair out of place, wear it down, and play with the amount of curl you’d like to see.

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing your wedding hairstyle. When in doubt, it’s usually a good idea to wear it up, simply because this will keep it all in one place, and stop you from absentmindedly playing with your hair all day. If you can’t decide which you prefer, opt for an updo for the ceremony and photos and take it down for the reception and party. Talk to your hairstylist about making this a reality for your big day!