Anyone who has planned a wedding will tell you that it won’t all go according to plan. In fact, you are almost guaranteed to have something go wrong. Some things are minor, like forgetting your bridal undies, but some things create a much bigger disturbance during your day. Maybe there is inclement weather and the shuttle buses need to leave a half hour earlier, or, there is a power outage and you have to change your entire location, or maybe you have to postpone the wedding all together. How do make sure that all of your wedding guests are informed of last minute changes and actually get to your wedding? Here are five steps to help you manage any last-minute challenges.

Assign a Point Person

Your mom, your maid of honour or anyone else who is organized that you trust. Give them the most important information and have them ready to field calls from guests wanting to confirm information.

Use Available Staff

If most of your guests are staying at one hotel, communicate the changes to your contact there. They will be able to mention the change at check-in or if they are really on-the-ball, phone each guest to inform them.

Use the Internet

While texting and calling is the quickest way to know if your message has reached the recipient, you can also utilize email and your wedding website. Send an email to your guest list with the urgency clearly stated in the subject line – also be sure BCC everyone as to protect everyone’s privacy. When updating your website, make sure to put the new information on your landing page so that it can’t be missed. In both instances, provide the contact information of your point person.

Last Minute Changes

Take Advantage of Social Media

While we wouldn’t recommend relying solely on social media, it can be a useful tool for contacting your younger guests. This is particularly helpful if you have created a wedding group on Facebook so you can create a post without having it be seen by your entire friends list.

Teamwork is Key

Contacting everyone on your guests list is a daunting task, especially if your guest count is in the hundreds. Grab your bridal party and divide the list up into sections, everyone is responsible for calling or texting their list, and providing them with the number of the person in charge. While planning your wedding, be sure to keep an organized list of who is coming and their phone numbers in case you need to relay information last minute.