It’s true that moms tend to get a lot of attention when it comes to weddings, but we thought that the dads needed to feel special too! So, if you’re wondering how to make dad feel special on the big day, here are some options.

Walk Down the Aisle to His Favourite Song

Is there a song that your dad constantly played throughout your childhood? Or is there a special song that is just yours? If you aren’t doing a father daughter dance, consider letting him choose the song you walk down the aisle to. This will give you both a chance to reflect on your relationship and maybe even inspire a lip sync performance from dad!

Take Some Photos in His Favourite Sports Jersey

Is your dad a major sports fan? Consider taking some pictures in matching jerseys. Changing your last name? Get your jersey made with your maiden name so dad knows you’ll always have a little piece of him with you on game day.

Make Dad Feel Special Make Dad Feel Special

Photos Courtesy of Whitney Heard Photography

Have the Game on

Are you getting married during playoffs? Is dad’s team playing the night of your wedding?! Oops. Don’t worry! Many venues will have the capability of putting the game on somewhere in the venue. We’re not suggesting using it as the backdrop to your first dance, but having an important game on is a great gesture for your dad. Alternatively, have your MC announce the score periodically throughout the night!

Have a First Look With Dad

If you’re super close with your dad and want a special moment before your ceremony, consider doing a first look with him as well. The photos will be incredible and it’s a moment the two of you can share before the hustle and bustle of the day.

Play a Round

If your dad is Mr. Golf, take time to play a round with him close to the wedding. This will give the two of you a chance to talk and hangout as well as some downtime before the big day.

For Multiple Dads

Have Both Dads Walk You Down the Aisle

Can’t decide who should walk you down the aisle? No problem, have a dad on each arm! There are no hard and fast rules any more when it comes to who ‘has’ to give you away so do what feels right for you!

Get Them Involved in the Ceremony

To ensure that no one feels left out, get all the dads involved in the ceremony. Maybe your step dad and your partners dad perform a sand or candle ceremony. Or maybe the dads do a reading together.

If Dad is No Longer Earth-Side

Reserved Seating

Reserve a special chair up front for your dad that has some mementos to him present. Maybe a stuffed animal that he gave you for your birthday or a favourite photo of him.

Read his Favourite Passage

Did he always quote a favourite book, author, religious text? If so, consider having a close family member read this during your ceremony.

Carry Him on Your Bouquet

Having a locket with dad’s picture attached to your bouquet is a wonderful way to honour him and have him walk you down the aisle, even if he is not physically there.