When you first get engaged there is a flurry of activity, from congratulations flooding in on social media, to family celebrations and of course, actually planning the wedding. But when all that fades, there you are… an engaged couple. You may be firmly planted in the camp of ‘so what? Nothing is going to change’ however, there are a few relationship changes that do happen when you upgrade your title to fiancé.

Your Arguments

Some couples will find that their arguments become more weighted. You’ve agreed to spend your life with this person – what if you aren’t compatible? It’s no longer just about personality, you need to make sure your financial values, family values and life paths are compatible as well. On the other hand, some couples find that getting engaged completely negated their arguments. The engagement was a constant reminder of their partner’s commitment to being teammates forever.

People See Your Relationship Differently

As old-fashioned as it is – when you get engaged, your relationship somehow becomes more valid to society at large. While your close family and friends know how well suited you are for each other and are intimate with your relationship, getting engaged signals to the rest of the world how serious you are.

Relationship Changes

Photo Courtesy of Nikki Mills

Everyone Wants to Have a Say

While you may be aware that everyone has an opinion… it’s never quite as obvious until after you get engaged. Once you’re engaged, family and friends will come out of the woodwork to offer advice. They will tell you when to get married; when to have kids; where to buy your dress… and the list goes on. While mostly well intentioned, this will be a perfect opportunity for you to practice setting boundaries as a couple.

Things Get Better Than You Ever Thought Possible

You may find that once you get engaged, your relationship becomes much deeper and more fulfilling than you ever thought possible. Actually sitting down and planning your life with someone can be incredibly fun and rewarding as you realize that you have a teammate for life. Enjoy your engagement as much as possible.

While you may think that your relationship won’t change after getting engaged, you will be surprised by how different you look at the world. Even if you’ve been living together for a while, an engagement somehow makes everything seem more exciting and permanent. Enjoy it!