Today’s wedding is a perfect blend of romance, whimsy, and style. From the bride’s dazzling diamond-encrusted shoes to the soft pastel palette of the beautiful blooms and the bridal party, Savannah and Ian’s Wedding at Pia Bouman School for Ballet hits all the right notes. Thankfully Sara Monika, Photographer was on hand to snap the precious moments — you don’t want to miss this gallery!

Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-001 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-002 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-003 (2) Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-003 (3) Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-003 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-006 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-007 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-008 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-009 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-010 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-011 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-012 (2)

The photographer also captured some very cute candid moments between our bride and groom.

Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-016Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-017Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-018 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-019Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-020Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-021Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-023Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-025Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-026 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-027Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-028Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-029

The couple’s charming ceremony was accentuated by delicate flowers from Timberlost, including a romantic rose wreath.

Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-030 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-031 (2) Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-031 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-032 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-033 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-034

The newlyweds’ fabulous reception was both intimate and fun. Catered by The Tempered Room Catering, the evening was brimming with tons of personality and darling details. From the handwritten table cards and pretty florals by Timberlost, the affair was obviously a labour — and celebration — of love.

Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-036 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-037 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-038 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-039 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-040 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-041 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-042 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-043 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-044 (2) Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-044 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-045 Sara Monika Phtoographer-Savannah-Ian-047