The Distillery District is a unique part of the City that blends historical buildings and modern, urban style and embodies a cool vibe that Krystal and Cody absolutely adore! So, when the two started planning their big day, it’s no surprise that they chose to host it at Archeo, a venue that perfectly encapsulates the Distillery’s overall feel. Playing off of the venue’s exposed brick and wood interior, this charming storybook wedding is painted in a palette of light tones accented with burgundy and tons of greenery. Amos Photography captures the picture perfect day.

Krystal and Cody headed to the nearby Corktown Common for a romantic photo session surrounded by nature. Then they returned to the Distillery to get photographed with its iconic bricks, and hopped on a rooftop to capture the cityscape.

Storybook Wedding

The ceremony took place on the brick-clad patio where guests gathered excitedly to watch the lovebirds exchange vows.

Storybook Wedding

Upon entering the restaurant, guests were invited to sign a large wooden guestbook. Inside, small light bulbs were suspended from above and glass vases housing tall candles created a soft glow. Mother’s Garden Floral Design provided the lovely centerpieces and hanging greenery. Guests mingled while enjoying tasty dishes. After a few speeches, DJ SLS A/V Solutions played some great beats to get everyone off their chairs. Krystal and Cody celebrated with their loved ones well into the night!

Storybook Wedding Storybook Wedding