McManus & Campbell: Hair in the Distillery

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McManus & Campbell: Hair in the Distillery

Michael Schweigert

September 2019

I didn't have my haircut here - just waiting for someone. Very friendly staff and cute dog.

McManus & Campbell: Hair in the Distillery

Mark Formanek

August 2019

WOW I love the staff. I love this place. My hair looks fantastical.

McManus & Campbell: Hair in the Distillery

Clea Stuart Anaya

March 2019

Zoe is amazing. Few years ago I was still unsure if dying my hair was the way to go and she did exactly what I wanted even when I couldnt explain it well. Now I go back all the way from Montreal just for her. Totally worth it!

McManus & Campbell: Hair in the Distillery

Brittany Cunningham

December 2018

Great place, always get a good haircut when I go and quality service. Staff is super nice

McManus & Campbell: Hair in the Distillery

Hilary S

November 2018

Bad business experience. I guess I got a little bit of perfume in my hair this morning, and not knowing this I started to curl my hair. Well, my hair fried a little underneath and I was very anxious about this. I called, booked an appointment, and the lady assured me that the price would just be for the mask, and if there were trimming it wouldn't be a big issue. I sat in Kayla's chair and she saw that it was only a small amount as well. She told me that it would be a cut, wash, blow dry, and style. I said "I just had my hair cut on Saturday, being charged for a new one for a very small amount doesn't seem economical, nor does it make sense. I may as well just go back to my hairdresser." Kayla didn't try and work out a plan for me while I came there on my lunch, she just said okay and walked me to the front. To me this just seems like bad business. I wasn't looking for a full on hair cut, wash, dry, and style. I just wanted a very small section cleaned up. Why wouldn't you keep the business and money in house to keep a happy customer? Now I'm just going to tell everyone about this experience, who's going to tell their friends, and so forth. What should have happened was a conversation of how she could accommodate me within a reasonable price range, not for my hair to be cut all over again. I'm in awe of what just took place.

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